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Nov 7 12 9:53 AM

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Genesis II Church of Health and Healing:

SODIUM CHLORITE SOURCES: (See bottom for sources of bulk sodium chlorite)
Sources of 28% solution are:
SODIUM CHLORITE: I believe the bulk sodium chlorite (SC) from Loba Chemie and others (addresses are at the bottom) is 80% pure. It comes as white flakes or powder. The other 20% is water. SC is made by electrolysis of salt water etc.
CAUTION: When you obtain the SC, you need to keep it in a plastic container. It's hazardous in dry form. It can burn easily. Do not touch it much with metal or wood. Do not pound on it.
TEST: To test the SC when you get it, you can place a flake or small amount of powder in a glass or ceramic container, bowl, or plate and try to burn it with a match. SC should burn kind of like gunpowder. If it were only salt, it would not burn at all. SC tastes like salt, because the chemical formula is similar to salt. Salt is Na+Cl (sodium chloride); SC is Na+Cl+O2 (sodium chloride + oxygen = sodium chlorite).
Dry SC can last for about 30 years, especially if kept fairly cool.
SC solution lasts about 2 years, before turning into saltwater. It lasts longer when kept cool.
DILUTION: To prepare SC for patients, dilute it with distilled or pure water.
Those who sell SC for health purposes usually sell it as a 28% solution. To make a 28% solution from 80% SC, use this formula:
10g 80%SC +18.5g water = 28.5g 28%SC
20g 80%SC + 37g water = 57g 28%SC
40g 80%SC +74g water = 114g 28%SC
SIMPLIFY: An easier formula to use is 1 part 80%SC and 2 parts water. This makes a 27% solution, which is close enough to 28% that the effect is practically the same.
WATER: The water should be distilled, but pure rainwater is also satisfactory. Reverse osmosis treated water is good too. The purer the water is, the better it is.
INVENTOR: Sodium chlorite has long been used to kill pathogens in water, but Jim Humble was the first person known to discover its health effects. He is a metallurgist (and chemist) who was hunting in Central America in the 1990s [?] for precious metals etc with friends. One of the friends contracted malaria and, while others went to get malarial medication, Jim gave the victim small amounts of stabilized oxygen several times and he recovered within a day or so. When Jim returned to the U.S. he tested the stabilized oxygen to try to see how it worked. He found that the oxygen actually had no significant effect. Instead, there was a small amount of chlorine dioxide in the stabilized oxygen and it was the chlorine dioxide that was killing the malaria infection.
CHEMICAL ACTION: Chlorine dioxide has the chemical formula Cl+O2. SC (sodium chlorite) again has the formula Na+Cl+O2. When SC encounters acid, the sodium (Na) separates from the ClO2 (chlorine dioxide), and the ClO2 is then able to kill bacteria and other parasites that have acidic conditions. The ClO2 does not harm human cells or tissues, because they are not acidic. Most viruses, bacteria and other infectious organisms, as well as cancer cells, are acidic and thus easily destroyed by the ClO2.
HEALTH EFFECTS: About ten years ago Jim Humble went to Kenya and Uganda and helped two doctors using 28% sodium chlorite solution treat hundreds of patients who had malaria and AIDS. The malaria patients recovered within 8 hours. The AIDS patients recovered within 4 weeks. Sodium chlorite solution also appears to be effective for tooth infections, many cancers and other infections. It can apparently also help to detoxify toxic metals, such as from mercury and lead poisoning etc.
-- The video shows Jim and Dr. Ron Near making ClO2 ready to use for patients. Mix 25 drops (of 27%SC solution), 24 drops of citric acid, or vinegar, or lemon juice (not orange juice); wait 20 seconds or so to allow the mixture to react; then add 1 quart or liter of pure water, and half a gram or half a milliliter of baking soda (Na+H+C+O3) and stir or shake it up to mix thoroughly.
USE: The patient should drink about one-half cup (120ml) of this preparation about every two hours. He/she can drink fruit or vegetable juice with the preparation, if desired, but not orange juice, because it neutralizes the ClO2.
OVERUSE: If the patient takes too much SC or ClO2, he/she should drink orange juice or eat oranges to help neutralize it. Overuse may result in temporary diarrhea and or vomiting.
MAINTENANCE: SC solution can help prevent many diseases by drinking one-half cup of the preparation once a week.
BOOK: Online book:
- Sodium chlorite is commonly used for water treatment by many cities, so some chemical suppliers and water treatment suppliers may have it in your area. You should phone them to see if they carry it or if they can order it.
- In some countries it may be easier and cheaper to buy sodium chlorite and make your own MMS from it. Here is a list of major suppliers of sodium chlorite worldwide [This list comes from by doing a search there for sodium chlorite].  I don't know if buyers must meet certain qualifications in order to buy from these suppliers. I'll try to find out soon.
__BELGIUM: AcrosOrganics Contact name Ann Moorkens Company Acros Organics Geel, Belgium Email Website
__GERMANY: alfaaesar Company Alfa Aesar - Address Johnson Matthey Management GmbH & Co KG Postbox 11 07 65 D76057 Karlsruhe, Germany - Phone +49 721 84007 280 Fax +49 721 84007 300 Email Website
__SWITZERLAND: matrixswitzerland Company Matrix Marketing GmbH Address Bahnweg Nord 35, CH-9475 Sevelen, SWITZERLAND Phone +41 81 740 5830 Fax +41 81 740 5831 Email Website
__INDIA: lobachem Contact name Vic Shah Company Loba Chemie Pvt. Ltd. (India) Address 107 Wode House Rd, Jehangir Villa, Colaba, 400005 Bombay, INDIA Phone +91 22 22151010 Fax +91 22 22151099 Email Website
__yick-vic Contact name Mark yick-vic Company Address Room 1006, 10/F., Hewlett Centre, 52-54 Hoi Yuen Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon Hong Kong, CHINA Phone +852 254 12772 Fax +852 254 23444 Email Website
__advtechind Contact name Kim Wong Company Advanced Technology & Industrial Co., Ltd. Address Unit B, 1/F., Cheong Shing Bldg.,17 Walnut St., Tai Kok Tsui, Kln, Hong Kong, HONG KONG Phone 852 2390 2293 Fax 852 2789 8314 Email Website
__advtechind Contact name Kim Wong Company Advanced Technology & Industrial Co., Ltd. Address Unit B, 1/F., Cheong Shing Bldg.,17 Walnut St., Tai Kok Tsui, Kln, Hong Kong, HONG KONG Phone 852 2390 2293 Fax 852 2789 8314 Email Website
__hallochem Contact name Andy Huang Company Hallochem Group Address 17F,Venus Science Incubate Center,No.60 Xingguang Road,New North Zone
401121 Chongqing, CHINA Phone +86-23-67030785 Fax +86-23-67030818 Email Website
__dayangchem Contact name Zi Ye Company Dayang Chemicals Co., Ltd. Address A/5F 1539 Fuli Building 328# WenEr Rd.310012, 310012 Hangzhou, CHINA Phone +86-571-88938639 Fax +86-571-88492614 Email Website
__debayer Contact name James Long Company Debayer Chemical Co. Ltd. Address 2-33, Nanshan, Guangzhou, 518564 Guangzhou, CHINA Phone +86-13316862761 Fax +86-755-26404265 Email Website
__leputech Contact name Ben Fu Company leputech Address 402#,Bld 20,Nanyou, Nanshan, Shenzhen, CHINA Phone +86-755-26404303 Fax +86-755-26404265 Email Website
__alwaychem Contact name SHENG CHEN Company ALWAY CHEM Address NO.142, HONGKONG MIDDLE ROAD, QINGDAO, CHINA, 266071 QINGDAO, CHINA Phone +86-532-8589-3133 Fax +86-532-8589-3133 Email Website
__wintersunchem Company Wintersun Chemical Address 3100 E Cedar Street #15, Ontario, CA91761 UNITED STATES Phone 909-9301688 Fax 909-9471788 Email Website
__spectrumchemical Contact name Larry Hilton Company Spectrum Chemicals and Laboratory Products, Inc Address 14422 S San Pedro St, Gardena, CA 90248 UNITED STATES Phone 001 310 516 8000 Fax 001 310 516 7512 Email Website

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Dec 3 12 7:46 PM

SC Preparation for AIDS
11/25) In this 2010 or 2011 video,, Jim Humble says MMS (same as SC solution) does cure AIDS in three weeks, taking 3 drops activated in solution each hour for eight or so hours each day. ... it seems they've found that many cancers are cured by MMS-2, which is hypochlorous acid, which is similar to sodium chlorite, and is also inexpensive, and it's a natural substance produced in the body.

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Dec 3 12 8:16 PM

Calculation for Making 27%SC Solutions

SC = Sodium Chlorite
Mix 6 Parts Water to 1 Part Dry Sodium Chlorite
I believe the Loba Chemie SC is 80%SC, which means it contains 20%Water, even though it's dry.
To make the 27%SC Solution, the proper proportion of Water and 80%SC is:
- about 6 parts Water to 1 part 80%SC.

Here's the calculation:
100%SC density =~ 2.5g/cc (See
80%SC density: (= 2.2g/cc as follows:)
4gSC + 1gW = 5g80%SC;
4gSC(2.5g/cc) +1gW(1g/cc) = 11g^2/cc/5g80%SC = 2.2g/cc;
1cc80%SC = 2.2g80%SC; 1ccW = 1gW;
1cc80%SC + 6ccW = 2.2g80%SC + 6gW = 7cc27%SC Solution;
- So, when you make SC Solution, add 6 parts Water to your dry 80%SC to get a 27%SC Solution.
- Since there will be some air in the SC flakes, it may actually be close to 25%SC Solution. But that's not a problem. Jim Humble first cured his friend in Mexico of malaria with a mere 5%SC Solution. So exact percentage amounts aren't important.

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