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Nov 4 12 12:26 PM

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I joined this site because I have been a follower of Dr. Mercola for a couple of years and I have grown to understand the benefits of eating heathly

Recently my family and I have invested quite a lot of money into juicing equipment.  My ex-husband uses the machine only when he has a particular goal in mind (weight loss, impending blood glucose tests, etc.) Me on the other hand do not have heath issues, only I suffer from being underweight, the occassional bouts of depression, day to day fatigue, etc

I have done some reseach and found that incorporating wheatgrass into my diet it would help me tremondouly. Unfortunately for me is drinking wheatgrass juice is impossible for me. I have the problem if something tastes bad, I will be ok  for a couple days cause I tell myself it will help me feel better. But as soon as I feel better... I stop using the juice cause, taste is bad, clean-up is time consuming, etc. I just end up with a ton of excuses of why I don't want to do the juicing.  I recently saw a commercial David Wolfe was pushing a new product (I forgot the name of the product) from the company that makes the Magic Bullet.  I was wondering if anyone on this forum has used this new product. 

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Jan 16 13 3:56 PM

You might find answers on . You can ferment wheat grass in apple cider vinegar, then eat the entire grass without having to juice it. I did that last year a few times with regular grass and I blended it with other food to make it taste good.

I was underweight myself last year and I went to a Touch for Health practitioner to figure out what might solve my problem and I guess the changes I made did the trick. I changed my diet a little. You can find practitioners at .

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