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September 1, 2012 - Issue 2205
Documentary Investigates Our Current Food System and the Solutions to World Hunger
    It's called Growing Change: A Journey Inside Venezuela’s Food Revolution
    Contrary to popular belief, modern agriculture techniques are not a solution, but rather the very heart of the problem. Poor soil quality is a core problem facing farmers across the globe, and the Earth's soil is depleting at more than 13 percent the rate it can be replaced due to our chemical-based agriculture system
    The film offers inspiration and hope, and demonstrates how communities can take back control of the food supply and gain independence, as well as feed those who would otherwise not be able to afford to eat
The ‘Selfish’ Reason to Donate Your Blood
    In one study of more than 1,000 people, only 3 percent were iron deficient, but 13 percent had iron overload
    Your body has a limited capacity to excrete iron, which means it can easily build up in organs like your liver, heart and pancreas; this is a dangerous occurrence because iron is a potent oxidizer that can damage your body tissues
    Excess iron has been linked to cancer, cirrhosis, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and more
    One of the only ways your body can get rid of excess iron is by bleeding; as a result, most premenopausal women who are menstruating rarely suffer from iron overload, however most adult men and postmenopausal women tend to be at a much higher risk
    Checking your iron levels is easy and can be done with a simple blood test called a serum ferritin test; this is one of the most important preventive screening tests to consider
    If you iron levels are high, donating your blood is a safe, effective and inexpensive solution
September 2, 2012 - Issue 2206
Why Half of America May Have Impaired Brain Function by 2030
    A new UCLA study shows that fructose impairs your memory and learning; this is the first study to demonstrate that excess fructose consumption can directly damage your brain
    The research also indicates that omega-3 fats, specifically DHA, can reduce fructose’s damaging effects on brain function
    Concern over skyrocketing obesity rates have inspired a new four-part HBO documentary series called “The Weight of the Nation”, which can be viewed in its entirety for free at http://theweightofthenation.hbo.com/
    Dangerous type 2 diabetes drugs are again brought into the spotlight by a whistleblower who reports that Takeda Pharmaceuticals concealed and downplayed adverse events reports for its diabetes drug Actos, including hundreds of reports of heart failure; the drug has been banned in Germany and France and is the subject of hundreds of lawsuits, but continues to be sold in the U.S.
September 3, 2012 - Issue 2207
Nearly Half of U.S. Doctors Struggling with Burnout
    I detail my own experience in undergoing seven years of medical education and twenty five years of clinical experience and to help you have a deeper appreciation of the factors that contribute to burnout
    Fatigue can erode professionalism, compromise quality of care, and increase medical errors
Shocking Secrets about Clinical Trials: 2,061 Trial-Related Deaths. Yet Only 22 Were Compensated
    Many die or are seriously injured after taking part in drug trials, and, worse still, only a fraction are ever compensated
    Data from the Drug Controller-General of India revealed that more than 2,000 people in India died as a result of serious adverse events (SAEs) caused during drug trials from 2008-2011
    Drug companies often target poor, uneducated populations in India and other developing countries to participate in drug trials, where offers of $400 per study earn volunteers far more than the average pay rate of 50 cents a day
    Even in the United States, patients signing up for a post-market drug trial often do not fully understand the risks – and the fact that the drug is probably being tested because of suspicions that it may be causing severe side effects; volunteers are not typically told why exactly the trial is being conducted
September 4, 2012 - Issue 2208
Measles Vaccine Likely Caused Death of Four Infants in Nepal, Authorities Say
    With over 70 vaccines included, the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is an excellent tool that can help you identify which vaccines are associated with the most side effects
    It’s important to know your legal rights and understand your options when it comes to using vaccines and prescription drugs. Your doctor is legally obligated to provide you with the CDC Vaccine Information Statement (VIS) sheet and discuss the potential symptoms of side effects of the vaccination(s) you or your child receive BEFORE vaccination takes place. Failure to do this when giving a vaccine is a violation of federal law
    Doctors must also keep permanent records and report all serious health problems, hospitalizations, injuries and deaths following vaccination to the federal Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS)
U.S. Deaths from Radiation from Fukushima
    Exactly how much radiation has poured out of Japan’s damaged Fukushima nuclear plant, contaminating not only cleanup crews but also residents in surrounding areas, remains unclear, as does the risk posed to the rest of the world from nuclear fallout
    "Deaths rose 4.46 percent from 2010 to 2011 in the 14 weeks after the arrival of Japanese fallout, compared with a 2.34 percent increase in the prior 14 weeks. The number of infant deaths after Fukushima rose 1.80 percent, compared with a previous 8.37 percent decrease. Projecting these figures for the entire United States yields 13,983 total deaths and 822 infant deaths in excess of the expected."
    There are a variety of nutritional interventions and natural strategies you can use to help minimize your risks of radiation exposure, such as spirulina, turmeric, whey, chlorella, ginseng, kelp, coconut oil etc.
September 5, 2012 - Issue 2209
The Wide-Ranging Influence of Gut Microbes on Your Mental and Physical Health
    Ninety percent of the genetic material in your body is NOT yours. It is from the nearly 100 trillion bacteria, fungi, viruses and other microorganisms that compose your microflora
    Your microflora influence your genetic expression, your immune system, weight, mental health, memory, and your risk of numerous chronic and acute diseases, from diabetes to cancer
    It is becoming increasingly clear that destroying your gut flora with antibiotics and poor diet is a primary factor in rising disease rates. Recent research suggests intestinal inflammation may play a crucial role in the development of certain cancers
    Avoiding these two things: antibiotics (including those from conventionally-raised meats and rBGH-laced milk), and sugar by adhering to a low-sugar diet, along with plenty of unpasteurized fermented foods and/or a high-quality probiotic supplement, are crucial elements for restoring and maintaining both your gut’s inner ecosystem and your overall health.
New Charges of Fraud on Heels of Abbott’s $1.5 Billion Plea Agreement
    Earlier this year, Abbott settled for $1.6 billion for aggressively promoting their seizure drug Depakote to physicians for off-label use in elderly dementia patients, despite lacking evidence of safety or effectiveness.
    Just weeks later, Abbott is in the hot seat again after a former Abbott saleswoman filed a federal lawsuit against them, alleging the company illegally promoted the drug TriCor for uses not approved by the FDA, such as preventing cardiac health risks in patients with diabetes.
    In most cases, a billion-dollar (or more) fraud settlement would be a death-sentence for a business, but for the drug industry, it's just another cost of doing business – and not enough to deter them from deliberately engaging in illegal practices.
    The leading pharmaceutical companies are also among the largest corporate criminals in the world, behaving as if they are little more than white-collar drug dealers; you need to weigh the risks of using their products very carefully, as these companies consistently put profits above human health.
September 6, 2012 - Issue 2210
Not All Tech Advances Are Good for You
    There are many questionable technological advances and body treatments, such as CoolSculpting, laser hair removal, and body waxing, which appear to be advances that, when looked at more carefully, really aren’t
    The miraDry device is a microwave gun that destroys sweat glands, reducing sweat volume by an average of 82 percent in a manufacturer-sponsored study. The treatment is FDA approved for hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating – a condition that affects an estimated three percent of the US population
    Many cases of hyperhidrosis appear to be rooted in anxiety and stress. Use of energy psychology tools such as the Emotional Freedom Technique and other stress relieving techniques may be advised if you suffer from excessive sweating that is unrelated to ambient temperature
    Side effects of the miraDry treatment include damaged hair follicles, sparser hair growth, swelling (which can be severe), numbness, weakness and/or tingling of the arm(s), nerve damage
Why Did the FDA Approve a Generic Version of this Dangerous Drug?
    Actos – the brand name for a drug used to treat type 2 diabetes – is presently embroiled in thousands of lawsuits alleging that the drug causes severe side effects including heart failure, macular edema and bladder cancer.
    Even so, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has gone ahead and approved Mylan Lab's plan to sell a generic version of this dangerous drug (pioglitazone), justifying their reasoning by saying this gives patients “affordable treatment options.”
    Actos works by helping to control blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes, but diabetes treatments focused solely on lowering blood sugar can actually worsen, rather than remedy, the underyling metabolic dysfunctions at the root of type 2 diabetes.
    Type 2 diabetes arises from faulty leptin signaling and insulin resistance, and is therefore a fully preventable condition that can be controlled or reversed; the only known way to reestablish proper leptin and insulin signaling is through a proper diet and exercise program – there is no drug that can accomplish this.
September 7, 2012 - Issue 2211
Acceleration Training – The Russian Space-Age Technology That Can Take Your Fitness Regimen to the Next Level
    Whole body vibration exercise (aka acceleration training) using a vibrating platform is an excellent adjunct to your fitness program as it can radically boost the effectiveness of virtually any exercise, but it costs $10,000, so this is ridiculous
Six Apps that Can Help You Improve Your Fitness
    Six of the best fitness apps include Nike + Running, All-in Yoga, Endomondo Sports Tracker, My Fitness Pal – Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker, Mother’s World, and Period Tracker
September 8, 2012 - Issue 2212
Is it Possible to Eat Healthy on a Food Stamp Budget?
    In order to protect your health, I believe you should spend 90 percent of your food budget on whole foods, and only 10 percent on processed foods
BPA and Narrowed Arteries: New Study Links Plastics Chemical with Coronary Artery Stenosis
    A new study indicates bisphenol-A (BPA), part of many plastic containers and canned food cans – a chemical already found to be an endocrine disrupter linked to cancer and reproductive and fetal development problems – may also be contributing to narrowed arteries
    People with higher urinary BPA levels were more likely to have severe narrowing of the arteries
    Multiple other studies already exist showing a concerning association between BPA and heart disease, diabetes, decreased sperm quality, early puberty, premature mammary gland development, disrupted reproductive cycles and ovarian dysfunction, cancer, obesity and more
    Avoiding all BPA-containing plastics and canned foods and beverages is essential to limiting your BPA exposure
September 9, 2012 - Issue 2213
The Amazing Similarities Between this Toxic Sugar and Alcohol
    When you consume fructose, [nearly] 100 percent of it goes directly to your liver to be metabolized; this is why it can be extremely hepatotoxic when it overloads your liver, just like alcohol
    The metabolism of fructose causes most of the same toxic effects as ethanol, such as visceral adiposity (belly fat), insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome; but when consumed excessively, fructose may actually be more damaging to your health, having over 70 documented adverse effects [especially diabetes]
    Fructose “buzzes” the brain like other narcotics, displaying both dopaminergic and opioid properties
    It’s important to carefully limit your intake of fructose, just like your intake of alcohol; [it's best to avoid fructose, contained in corn syrup, sugar, honey, molasses and maple syrup]
September 10, 2012 - Issue 2214
New and Improved –Your Nutrition Plan to Take Control of Your Health
    The food you choose to eat is the foundational strategy of Taking Control of Your Health. I provide comprehensive details on how you can change your diet to optimize your health. That is one of the primary reasons behind my compilation of this Nutrition Plan, which has now been fully revised and updated
    The Plan is divided into three stages: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. If you realize you're already doing all the things included in the beginner's phase, then it may be time to move on to the next phase. However it is best for even the most advanced health enthusiasts to read through from the beginner section to make sure they have a firm grasp of the basics
    While this Nutrition Plan is my best attempt to provide something that will radically improve the health of you and your family, there is always room for improvement. I strongly invite you to leave your feedback in the comments section below, and will make every effort to review all the comments and consider them in modifying the program [Click here: http://www.mercola.com/nutritionplan/index.htm ]
33 Ways to Eat Environmentally Friendly
    From shopping at farmers’ markets to carefully selecting the bags you carry your food home in, there are ways to take healthy eating to the next level and help save the environment while you take care of yourself.
    These 33 tips can help transition your eating style into a sustainable one; even seemingly small changes can make a big difference.
    Tips include shopping local, ditching bottled water, buying in bulk and growing some foods yourself [Click here: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2012/09/10/33-ways-to-eat-environmentally-friendly.aspx ]
September 11, 2012 - Issue 2215
CDC Preparing for New Swine Flu – Should You?
    With flu season just around the corner, it’s time to review the evidence and decide if you are going to listen to the media [propaganda]
Find a Compassionate Doctor to Help You Prevent Vaccine Injuries
    Serious vaccine reactions such as seizures, high-pitched screaming and collapse/shock are often [down-played] by [corporate controlled] public health officials and pediatricians, who, along with vaccine manufacturers, are protected from vaccine injury lawsuits
    It is up to parents to find a doctor they can trust, who will take the precautionary approach to [avoid] giving more vaccines in the face of previous vaccine reactions, like seizures, especially if the child has symptoms of brain injury
    Don't be afraid to stand up for your human right to protect your child from harm; search until you find a compassionate pediatrician or family practice doctor who will work with you to make the best health care decisions for your child
    A California bill (AB2109) to restrict a parent's ability to obtain a personal belief exemption to vaccination for their child to attend school may be signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown, but you can still voice your opinion before this occurs
September 12, 2012 - Issue 2216
Astaxanthin for Heart Health and Chronic Pain
    Astaxanthin has many unique properties not shared by other carotenoids. It positions itself across the entire cell membrane, ... thereby offering global protection for each cell
    While most antioxidants, such as vitamin C and E, can typically only handle one or two free radicals at a time, astaxanthin can neutralize multiple free radicals simultaneously. It can also handle multiple different types of free radical species, whereas most other antioxidants tend to target only certain types of free radicals (which is why you need many different types of antioxidants in your diet)
    Astaxanthin will never transform into a harmful pro-oxidant, which can happen to other antioxidants once they become depleted
    No harmful side effects have been noted in any of the safety studies performed on astaxanthin. The only side effect noted is an orange coloring of the skin at very high dosages, around 50 mg/day. Recommended dosages are included, and range from two to 12 mg/day, depending on health status and targeted health condition; [the best sources being shrimp, crab and Arctic salmon]
How the Chicken Conquered the World
    When it comes to choosing a source for your chicken and eggs, the closer you can get to the “backyard barnyard,” the better; you’ll want to get your chickens and eggs from small community farms with free-ranging hens that are organically fed and locally marketed
September 13, 2012 - Issue 2217
Massive Fund Attack on GMO Labeling Proposal in California
    Monsanto recently contributed $4.2 million to defeat California’s Proposition 37 – a bill that would require labeling of genetically engineered foods
    Many other companies, including Dupont, Dow Agro, PepsiCo, and even some of the largest member-donors to the Organic Trade Association, have also contributed millions to the effort to defeat labeling. Currently, $25 million has been raised in opposition, compared to $3 million in support of Proposition 37
    Understanding how Monsanto manipulates the system is crucial to understanding why Americans are not allowed to know if their food has been genetically engineered by simple labeling, as around 50 countries around the world already do, including Russia, China and the entire EU
    The California ballot initiative is an end run around Monsanto’s government controls via the FDA and USDA. For the first time in the US, the decision to label genetically engineered foods will be put into the hands of voters. Your support is urgently needed. ... In a recent Huffington Post article, public health lawyer Michelle Simone warns that many former tobacco industry consultants are now hard at work devising battle plans for the food industry against California's Proposition 37. She writes: "...Another tactic honed by [these consultants] is to form a front group that appears to be made up of small businesses and others, in order to give the impression of a grassroots campaign, but which is really funded by large corporations. ... Please donate to this historic effort! [Click here: http://organicconsumersfund.org/donate/david-goliath.cfm ]
The Most Epic Drug Failure. Ever.
    Bristol-Myers Squibb dropped their new hepatitis C drug – called BMS-986094 – after one clinical trial patient died from heart failure and others were hospitalized with heart and kidney problems [Many, if not most, medical and other drugs damage the liver and kidneys and sometimes other organs as well]
    The new hepatitis C drug from Bristol-Myers Squibb was much anticipated, but now due to its apparently deadly risks, the drug will be discontinued and the company will take a $1.8-billion charge-off for it
    Now trials for a separate hepatitis C drug in the same class, this one made by Idenix Pharmaceuticals, have been put on hold as participants have been reporting similar complaints to those suffered with the Bristol-Myers Squibb drug.
    The newer drugs were supposed to provide an all-oral combination of pills that would cause fewer side effects than current treatments, such as Interferon therapy, which is riddled with serious side effects
    Natural antioxidant treatment of hepatitis C may be effective, without side effects; up to 25% of cases of chronic hepatitis C also clear up on their own without any treatment [MMS cures many infections; Jim Humble seems to say that it usually takes over a month to cure hepatitis C]
September 14, 2012 - Issue 2218
The Intermittent Fasting Dilemma: How Many Meals Per Day Should You Eat?
    There is an emerging consensus that narrowing the window of time that you consume food may have enormous health benefits and also help you reduce the percentage of body fat.
    Your body is programmed for nocturnal feeding, and the one meal a day regimen is the only intermittent fasting (IF) program that accommodates your innate circadian clock and maximize the beneficial effects you get from IF on a daily basis
    Most foods negate the effects of fasting, but there are some exceptions. Foods that can be safely eaten without compromising your fast include fast-assimilating nutrient-dense foods such as quality whey protein, green [leafy?] vegetables and berries
New Proof that Exercise Makes You Smarter
    More and more studies are showing that exercise can boost your intelligence and mental acuity, with brain benefits for grade-schoolers all the way up to working adults and seniors.
    Regular exercise can improve test scores, IQ levels and task efficiency, and even make it more likely that you’ll receive a higher education and get a full-time job.
    Staying active with a variety of activities is best, as each type of exercise may offer unique benefits for your brain health and may even help your brain to grow as you get older, rather than shrink.
September 15, 2012 - Issue 2219
How Can the Wealthiest Industrialized Nation be the Sickest?
    The health dangers of genetically engineered (GE) foods are masterfully presented in this documentary by Jeffrey Smith, one of the world’s leading authorities on GE foods
    Americans get sick more often than Europeans or people from any other industrialized nation, and scientific evidence suggests a significant factor may be the genetic engineering of our food supply
    Despite claims by government regulators and the food industry that GE foods are safe, scientific studies continue to show the opposite; GE foods have been linked with allergies, reproductive problems and infertility, birth defects, bizarre mutations, cancer, and now an unidentified mystery organism causing an epidemic of livestock deaths, “Sudden Death Syndrome”
    GE foods trigger immune attack because they appear to your body as foreign invaders rather than food; this immune response can lead to chronic inflammation, which in turn raises your risk for multiple additional health problems
    [The main types of GE or GM foods are corn, soy, wheat and some potatoes etc]
The Ecology of Disease – How Environmental Sustainability Can Make or Break Animal and Human Health
September 16, 2012 - Issue 2220
Mounting Evidence Suggests Coffee May Actually Have Therapeutic Health Benefits
    Many studies have recently been published suggesting coffee is not the health-damaging beverage it’s been portrayed to be; research now suggests coffee can lower your risk for type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, dementia, stroke, and cancers of the liver, kidney and prostate
    Coffee lowers your blood glucose level and may even increase the metabolic activity and/or numbers of Bifidobacteria in your gastrointestinal tract, which are beneficial
    Fresh coffee from organic, whole beans that are pesticide-free can help keep your brain and muscle tissue young. Adding commercial milk or creamer, and worse yet sugar, will tend to diminish the value you receive from coffee
    You should consume coffee in moderation prior to exercising, without sugar, cream or flavorings in order to maximize health benefits; dark roast coffee beans are richer in beneficial compounds and lower in caffeine than lighter roasts
    If you are caffeine sensitive or have an adverse reaction to coffee, you might not have the same reaction to a different brand of coffee, a different type of bean, or a different brewing method
September 17, 2012 - Issue 2221
Organic Foods are Safer and Healthier than Conventional... True or False?
    A recent analysis by Stanford University found that organic foods are safer, and probably healthier, than conventional foods – IF you are of the conviction that ingesting fewer toxins is healthier and safer for you.
    Organic foods expose you to fewer pesticides – about 30 percent on average. Organic meats also reduce your risk of antibiotic-resistant bacteria by an average of 33 percent.
    Previous studies concluded that organic foods contain greater nutrient content than conventional foods, including organic grains and organic strawberries
Leading Energy Drink Makers Under Investigation for Misleading Consumers
    The New York Attorney General has launched an investigation into the marketing and advertising practices of AMP Energy Drink, 5-Hour Energy and other energy drink manufacturers
    The probe is looking into whether the companies are overstating benefits from certain healthful-sounding ingredients while downplaying the role of caffeine
    Consuming large quantities of caffeine in energy drinks can have serious health consequences, especially in children and teens, including caffeine toxicity, stroke, anxiety, arrhythmia, and in some cases death; there are natural options for gaining lasting energy that pose no such risks
    Take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar each day, with food; increase intake of omega-3 foods; consider vitamin B 12, Ubiquinol and magnesium supplements; and see the nutrition plan for a naturally energy-enhancing diet at: http://www.mercola.com/nutritionplan/
September 18, 2012 - Issue 2222
Confirmed! Flu Vaccine INCREASES Risk of Serious Pandemic Flu Illness
    Data collected from Canada and Hong Kong during 2009-2010 showed that people who received the seasonal flu vaccine in 2008 had twice the risk of getting the H1N1 “swine flu,” compared to those who hadn't received a flu shot
    There are major differences between naturally-acquired immunity and vaccine-induced immunity. With vaccination, you are creating an antibody, but as recent research has confirmed, unvaccinated children naturally build up more antibodies against a wider variety of flu virus strains than vaccinated children
    Vaccines provide only temporary, typically inferior immunity compared to that your body would receive from naturally contracting and recovering from a disease
The Latest Sneak Attacks in a Coordinated Effort to Eliminate Vaccine Exemptions
    An article in the latest newsletter from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) berates vaccine exemption options and parents who use personal belief exemptions to opt out of vaccines for their children, inciting parents to support the elimination of vaccine exemptions
    Across the US, people are fighting for their right not to be injected with vaccines against their will, but vaccine exemptions are under constant attack. The Gates Foundation is even funding surveillance of anti-vaccine groups
    While recent outbreaks of pertussis, measles, and mumps have officially been blamed on those who are unvaccinated, published studies into the outbreaks have confirmed that the vast majority of those affected were vaccinated, and place the blame on ineffective vaccines – NOT on those who are unvaccinated
    The differences between naturally-acquired and vaccine-induced immunity are explained, along with details of why the concept of vaccine-induced herd immunity is seriously flawed
September 19, 2012 - Issue 2223
Foundational Lifestyle Strategies to Maintain Healthy Blood Pressure
    Following a healthy nutrition plan, along with exercising, maintaining vitamin D levels, especially from mid-day sunbathing without sunscreens, and implementing effective stress reduction techniques will normalize blood pressure in most people
    Insulin resistance and elevated uric acid levels, especially from fructose in sugar and processed foods, are significantly associated with high blood pressure.
    Items that need to be excluded from your diet if you have high blood pressure include: fructose, grains, beer and caffeine
    Potentially helpful supplements and other alternative strategies include chelated calcium and magnesium, vitamins C and E, olive extract, electrical acupuncture, and techniques for increasing nitric oxide in your blood, by taking a warm bath, breathing in and out through one nostril only, and eating bitter melon
10 More Amazing Things About Our Bodies
    Fascinating dimensions are being explored including: the truth about swallowing and breathing, the “brain” in your gut, the link between physical pain and feelings of loneliness, and one of the purposes of saliva
    Also find out how a “natural” substance works better for your body than manufactured antibiotics, information about how we remember things, gender differences in how we see colors, the science behind boogers, secrets about how we breathe through our nostrils, and how weight gain affects the distance your heart has to pump blood
September 20, 2012 - Issue 2224
Why Walking Barefoot Might Be an Essential Element of Good Health
    Walking barefoot outside or using conductive systems that transfer the Earth's electrons from the ground into your body, known as Earthing or grounding, is emerging as an essential element to good health
    Going barefoot allows you to “ground” with the Earth and absorb free electrons directly through the soles of your feet; this type of grounding has one of the most potent antioxidant effects we know of and may also reduce inflammation throughout your body
    Research shows grounding may play a profoundly beneficial role in sleep disturbances, stress relief, pain relief, heart rhythm, immune response and much more
    If you can’t walk outside barefoot due to weather or during air travel, a grounding pad can be used to harness the benefits of the Earth’s electrons, even if you’re indoors
The Diet Doctor Everybody Loves – Gary Taubes
    The idea that weight gain is simply a matter of “calories in” versus “calories out” is just plain wrong… the real weight-gain culprit is carbs in your diet.
    Overeating carbohydrate-rich foods can prevent a higher percentage of fats from being used for energy. It also raises your insulin levels, which can cause insulin resistance, followed by diabetes and a host of other chronic diseases.
    When you eat large amounts of sugar, fructose, bread, pasta, and any other grain products, you're essentially sending a hormonal message, via insulin, to your body that says both “keep eating” and "store more fat."
    When you cut carbs from sugar, fructose and grains, you need to replace those calories with healthy fats such as those from raw nuts, grass-fed butter and meats, coconut oil, egg and avocados.
September 21, 2012 - Issue 2225
Why Exercise Should Be Part of Standard Cancer Care
    New research suggests oncologists are failing to properly advise their patients on the need for exercise
    Previous research has shown that breast and colon cancer patients who exercise regularly have half the recurrence rate than non-exercisers
    Exercise helps lower your cancer risk and improve outcome by normalizing your insulin levels; lowering estrogen and testosterone levels; and improving the circulation of immune cells in your blood
    Another group of people often discouraged from exercise are those suffering with heart problems, but a Norwegian study suggests even high-intensity interval training can be a safe choice for patients recovering from heart attacks or heart surgery
Stanford is Building a Body-Cooling Glove that is Safer and More Effective than Using Steroids for Athletes
    Stanford biologists have created a glove-like device that they say works “better than steroids” in terms of improving athletic performance.
    In one case, a colleague who used the device for six weeks went from doing 180 pull-ups to over 620 – a rate of physical performance improvement the biologists called “unprecedented.”
    The glove leads to a rapid cooling of core body temperature, which appears to virtually erase muscle fatigue.
September 22, 2012 - Issue 2226
First-Ever Lifetime Feeding Study Finds Genetically Engineered Corn Causes Massive Tumors, Organ Damage, and Early Death
    A two-year long French feeding study designed to evaluate the long-term health effects of a genetically engineered corn found that rats fed Monsanto’s maize developed massive breast tumors, kidney and liver damage, and other serious health problems. The major onslaught of diseases set in during the 13th month
    Female rats that ate genetically engineered corn died 2-3 times more than controls, and more rapidly, while the male GE-fed rats had tumors that occurred up to a year-and-a-half earlier than rats not fed GE corn
    According to results from a 10-year long feeding study on rats, mice, pigs and salmon, genetically engineered feed causes obesity, along with significant changes in the digestive system and major organs, including the liver, kidneys, pancreas, genitals and more
    The EPA admits there’s “mounting evidence” that Monsanto’s insecticide-fighting YieldGard corn is losing its effectiveness in the Midwest. Last year, rootworms resistant to the toxin in the genetically designed corn infested fields in Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota and Nebraska
    Genetically engineered foods are responsible for development of resistant weeds and pests; increased pathogenic virulence; degradation of soil quality; reduced nutrient content in food; exponential rise in infertility and birth defects; and reduced crop yields, and more
September 23, 2012 - Issue 2227
Mounting Evidence Pegs Broccoli as One of Nature's Most Health-Promoting Foods, Tackling Hypertension, Cancer, and More
    Sulforaphane cruciferous vegetables has been found to significantly improve blood pressure and kidney function, a new study shows
    Elevated blood pressure (hypertension), which is epidemic in Western society, can result in heart disease and stroke without warning; however, you can control it with basic diet and lifestyle modifications
    The real cause of hypertension is chronically elevated insulin levels, and excessive dietary sugar (especially fructose [in sugar and corn syrup]) is largely to blame. High dietary fructose is a metabolic poison that raises your blood pressure by raising your uric acid levels, depleting your magnesium, increasing water retention, and stressing your liver
September 24, 2012 - Issue 2228
Could Oral Facial Therapy Be the Answer for Sleep Apnea?
    According to a Swedish study, as many as half of all women between the ages of 20 and 70 suffer from mild to severe sleep apnea – the inability to breathe properly during sleep. Among women with hypertension or who were obese, 80-84 percent had sleep apnea
    Sleep apnea is associated with increased risk of stroke, silent brain infarction, heart attack, and early death
    Signs and symptoms of sleep apnea include increased forward head posture when sleeping, snoring, and frequent tossing and turning while sleeping
    If your sleep apnea is related to your tongue or jaw position, specialty trained dentists can design a custom oral appliance to address the issue, or you can use a novel set of tools called myofunctional exercises, designed to naturally reshape the structure of your mouth
    Mandibular repositioning devices, designed to shift your jaw forward, or others that help hold your tongue forward without moving your jaw, may also be helpful; see the link above for details
Alzheimer’s May be Caused by Poor Diet
    A growing body of research suggests there may be a powerful connection between the foods you eat and your risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, via similar pathways that cause type 2 diabetes.
    Researchers were able to induce many of the characteristic brain changes seen with Alzheimer’s disease (disorientation, confusion, inability to learn and remember) by interfering with insulin signaling in their brains.
    Alzheimer’s disease was tentatively dubbed “type 3 diabetes” in early 2005 when researchers learned that your pancreas is not your only organ that produces insulin; your brain also produces insulin, and this brain insulin is necessary for the survival of your brain cells.
    Over-consumption of sugars and grains is the primary reason your body becomes incapable of “sensing” the proper signals from insulin and leptin, leaving you insulin resistant in both body and brain.
September 25, 2012 - Issue 2229
The Fluoride Debate Heats Up and Finally Gets Some Media Attention
    On September 12, the City Council of Portland, Oregon approved the plan to add fluoride to the water supply, despite opposition from a clear majority of the residents
    The debate about water fluoridation has heated up on multiple fronts, and discussions have finally spilled into the media. In September, Dr. Paul Connett debated a forced-fluoridation lobbyist
    In New Zealand, the Council of the Royal Society made a sudden about-face, declaring it would not include water fluoridation in its current work program after initially issuing a call for relevant research to be included in a new risk-benefit analysis
    Citizens in Cornwall, Canada, and Phoenix, Arizona are currently pressuring their city councils to re-evaluate the issue of water fluoridation
Do Tanning Beds Really Cause Melanoma? NO!
    They produce an overall health benefit of an improved vitamin D status
    Ultraviolet (UV) radiation in tanning beds and sunlight also affects a number of other pathways in your body besides vitamin D synthesis. UV exposure can help improve your mood through the release of endorphins, and may even help reduce fibromyalgia pain. Several skin diseases can be treated with sun exposure or phototherapy
    To avoid potentially mildly harmful EMF (electromagnetic field) exposure, you can use tanning beds with electronic ballasts, instead of magnetic ballasts
September 26, 2012 - Issue 2230
Floors that Can Make You and Your Children Sick
    Soft, flexible plastic flooring, such as vinyl or those padded play-mat floors for kids (often used in day cares and kindergartens, too), are typically made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which contain dangerous phthalates
    A new study conducted by Swedish researchers found levels of certain phthalates were higher in the urine of babies that had PVC flooring on their bedroom floor
    PVC flooring has been linked to chronic diseases, including allergies, asthma and autism
    The phthalates emitted from PVC floors are endocrine-disrupting chemicals that have been linked to a wide range of developmental and reproductive “gender-bending” effects that are particularly dangerous to infants and children
    When choosing flooring materials for your home, and especially for your child’s bedroom, avoid PVC whenever possible
Aspartame: Damages the Brain
    Multiple studies show that aspartame causes concerning effects on the brain
    A newly published study with rats found that chronic exposure of aspartame resulted in detectable methanol in the blood, which tends to cause accelerated tissue and organ damage
September 27, 2012 - Issue 2231
50 Countries Label Genetically Engineered Foods – When Will Americans have the Right to Know and Choose?
    The California ballot initiative – officially known as Proposition 37 – is coming up for vote on November 6. Proposition 37 will require labeling of genetically engineered foods, and end the routine industry practice of labeling and marketing such foods as "natural"
    Polls show Proposition 37 is overwhelmingly popular; about 65 percent for, compared to 20 percent against, with 15 percent still undecided. Nationally, over 90 percent of those polled say they want the FDA to require labeling of genetically engineered foods and ingredients
    Nearly 50 other nations around the world require labeling for genetically engineered foods, yet the US has persistently denied its citizens the right to know whether or not a food is genetically engineered. The industry, led by Monsanto, has even threatened states with costly lawsuits, should they decide to label GE foods
    Besides potential health effects courtesy of the genetic alterations to the crop itself, genetically engineered crops also use more agricultural chemicals, which in turn leads to increased resistance and rapid destruction of soil quality. In this way, GE crops spur the vicious cycle of resistance followed by increasing amounts of chemicals, as well as the use of increasingly toxic chemicals, such as 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid – a main ingredient of the infamous Agent Orange
Newer Drugs for Rheumatoid Arthritis All Have Similar Risks -- Maybe It’s Time to Go Natural?
    Rheumatoid arthritis is generally treated with some of the most dangerous drugs in medicine. A newer class of RA drugs is the “biologic” drugs called TNF-alpha inhibitors. While these drugs are aggressively promoted, there are still concerns about their safety. Potential serious side effects include infection and cancer
    A recent safety analysis on three TNF-alpha inhibitors, Humira, Enbrel, and Remicade, shows that, when it comes to your risk of death from taking them, there’s no difference between the three drugs
    A revised and updated drug-free RA protocol based on Dr. Thomas Brown’s RA treatment tends to provide a 60-90 percent improvement rate in most RA sufferers
    Important aspects of the treatment protocol include dietary modifications, low-dose Naltrexone, optimizing your vitamin D levels, astaxanthin, probiotics (preferably in the form of fermented foods), and getting regular exercise
September 28, 2012 - Issue 2232
Physical Fitness in Childhood Linked to Higher Reading and Math Scores
    Recent research indicates having a healthy heart and lungs may be one of the most important factors for middle school students to make good grades in math and reading. To improve academic performance, the authors urge schools to re-examine policies that limit students’ involvement in physical education classes
    Previous studies have shown that children who exercised regularly nearly doubled their reading scores. Thirty minutes on a treadmill allowed students to solve problems up to 10 percent more effectively
    Aerobic and resistance training have been found to be equally important for maintaining brain and cognitive health. Aerobic fitness can improve your ability to coordinate multiple tasks, and your ability to stay on task for extended periods, while resistance training appears to improve your ability to focus amid distractions. Overall, exercise tends to improve the ability of different parts of your brain to work together
    Intermittent bouts of exercise, i.e. high-intensity interval training, is an ideal form of exercise for children, as well as adults. Video demonstration and safety guidelines are included at the above link
Hormone Surge after Exercise May Improve the Mind
    Mild exercise activates hippocampal neurons in the brain, which helps with the creation of new brain cells
    Short periods of intense exercise have a proven positive effect on increasing testosterone levels, which may benefit your brain health
    Exercise boosts brain health through multiple pathways, including hormone production, increased blood flow to your brain, and even stress reduction (the stress hormone cortisol may inhibit the growth of new brain cells)
    Staying active with a variety of activities is best, as each type of exercise may offer unique benefits for your brain health and may even help your brain to grow as you get older, rather than shrink
September 29, 2012 - Issue 2233
Acupuncture Confirmed Helpful for Chronic Pain
    A recent analysis of the most robust studies available concluded that acupuncture has a clear effect in reducing chronic pain, more so than standard pain treatment
    Alternatives to over-the-counter and prescription pain medications include astaxanthin, ginger, curcumin, boswellia, cayenne cream, bromelaine, Cetyl Myristoleate, and evening primrose, black currant, and borage oils
Are You Making These Sunshine Mistakes?
    While discussions about the health benefits from sun exposure typically center around vitamin D, UVB exposure has a number of other health effects unrelated to vitamin D production, including enhancement of mood and energy, melatonin regulation, suppression of MS symptoms, and the treatment of skin diseases
    Exposure to UVB light is also protective against melanoma (the most lethal form of skin cancer), whereas UVA radiation is associated with skin damage
    Two recent studies of critically ill children found that vitamin D deficiency is very common in sick children, and is associated with worse outcomes and extended hospital stays. Similarly, frail seniors with low levels of vitamin D have an increased risk of death
    Correlations also exist between vitamin D levels and dental health. Researchers at the University of Manitoba, Canada, recently found that children with severe early childhood caries had significantly lower vitamin D levels than cavity-free children