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__Plug-in Air Fresheners: Fire Hazards
Wed Mar 19, 2008 4:59 pm 508
I'm forwarding this, sent to me by a cousin. LK A Canadian couple's house burnt down.. nothing left but ashes. They have good insurance so the house will be replaced and most of the contents. That is the good news. However, they were sick when they found out the cause of the fire. The insurance investigator sifted through the ashes for several hours. He had the cause of the fire traced to the master bathroom. He asked her sister-in-law what she had plugged in the bathroom. She listed the normal things....curling iron, blow dryer. He kept saying to her, 'No, this would be something that would disintegrate at high temperatures'. Then her sister-in-law remembered she had a Glade Plug-In, in the bathroom. The investigator had one of those 'Aha' moments. He said that was the cause of the fire. He said he has seen more house fires started with the plug-in type room fresheners than anything else. He said the plastic they are made from is THIN. He also said that in every case there was nothing left to prove that it even existed. When the investigator looked in the wall plug, the two prongs left from the plug-in were still in there. Her sister-in-law had one of the plug-ins that had a small night light built in it. She said she had noticed that the light would dim and then finally go out. She would walk in to the bathroom a few hours later, and the light would be back on again. The investigator said that the unit was getting too hot, and would dim and go out rather than just blow the light bulb. Once it cooled down it would come back on. That is a warning sign The investigator said he personally wouldn't have any type of plug in fragrance device anywhere in his house. He has seen too many places that have been burned down due to them. PLEASE PASS THIS ON TO ALL THE PEOPLE IN YOUR ADDRESS BOOK. NOT ONLY COULD IT SAVE SOMEONE'S HOUSE, BUT IT COULD SAVE SOMEONE'S LIFE

__Vaccine Manslaughter
Sun Mar 9, 2008 12:27 pm
- This is from http://mercola.com. Good Comments section below too. GDay. Lloyd
Vaccine Companies Investigated for Manslaughter -- A formal investigation has been launched by French authorities against two managers from drug companies GlaxoSmithKline and Sanofi Pasteur. A second investigation for manslaughter has also been opened against Sanofi Pasteur MSD. -- The investigations are in response to allegations that the companies failed to fully disclose side effects from an anti-hepatitis B drug used between 1994 and 1998. -- During this time, close to two-thirds of the French population, and almost all newborn babies, received a hepatitis B vaccine. The vaccination campaign was halted after concerns rose over the shot’s side effects. -- Thirty plaintiffs, including the families of five people who died after the vaccination, have launched a civil action in the case against the drug companies. -- Sources: Reuters February 1, 2008
- Dr. Mercola's Comments:
In the United States, the hepatitis B vaccine is recommended for all newborns before they are discharged from the hospital. These recommendations are inexcusable. -- It finally seems that the drug companies will be held responsible for the consequences of giving this dangerous vaccine to infants. -- Why it Makes No Sense to Give the Hepatitis B Vaccine to Newborns -- Folks, let’s make one thing perfectly clear here, hepatitis B is VERY difficult to catch. You nearly always need to have blood or sexual contact of some sort with an infected carrier. That is why the main risk factors for hepatitis B are IV drug abusers and those who engage in sex with multiple partners. -- This, of course, makes it nearly impossible for a newborn to contract hepatitis B, unless his mother already has it. Further, vaccine-derived immunity is thought to be short-lived, and between 30 percent to 50 percent of vaccinated individuals may lose their antibodies within seven years. -- Meanwhile, up to 60 percent of people who initially respond will lose detectable antibodies within 12 years. So that means that by the time these newborns get to the age when they could potentially engage in the risky behaviors that would put them at risk of hepatitis B, their childhood vaccine will provide little to no protection. -- The central nervous system of a newborn infant is also particularly susceptible to toxic influences. This is one of the reasons why the hepatitis B vaccine is such a problem. If it were given later in life, as is done in many other countries, it would not be as problematic. -- Even so, this vaccine is still associated with numerous side effects, such as an increased risk of multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid diseases. -- Do Your Homework Before Vaccinating: The Drug Companies Won’t do it For You -- Aside from highlighting the extreme lack of common sense that goes along with vaccinating a newborn against a disease they have a rare chance of getting until they’re much older, this article points out, once again, that the drug companies are not on your side. -- Their primary motivation is in making profits, and if that means covering up side effects to make you believe a vaccination is safe, they will likely do it. -- Remember, you do have the right to refuse vaccinations, and there are two basic axioms you should never forget. -- 1. Nobody, anywhere or any time and under any circumstances has the right or power in this country to immunize you or your children against your will and conviction. If they attempt to do so, you can legally charge them with "assault with a deadly weapon" and have the full resources of the law behind you. -- 2. At all times in attempting to avoid unwanted immunization, you have the Law of the Land behind you. Those who would try to vaccinate you against your will are on very shaky ground. Into every compulsory immunization law in America are written legal exceptions and waivers, which are there specifically to protect you from the attempted tyranny of officialdom. It is not only your right, but your obligation to use them, if this is what your conscience tells you. -- While all 50 states have immunization requirements, 28 allow parents to opt out for medical or religious reasons. Another 20 states allow parents to opt out for personal or philosophical reasons as well. -- My previous article, How to Avoid Unwanted Immunizations of All Kinds, lays out your opt-out steps in greater detail. There is also an entire chapter in my book Take Control of Your Health devoted to this very topic, including what you should know before vaccinating, and what to do if you decide not to.
- Related Articles: Childhood Vaccine Safety Studies are Largely 'Inadequate' --  The Truth Behind the Vaccine Coverup --  How America Was Blinded by Merck's Vaccine Lies
- Community Comments -- Audrey -- The media uses dumb people like those you are referring to in Maryland to scare the general public into doing what they want. It's called brainwashing. Most people are going to think, "Yep, I've gotta do it. They even said I have to." And then these people don't check the law or their options. Our media is owned by those who are paid off from the pharmaceutical companies. -- This is no different than Federal Income Tax. The income tax laws do not apply to most American citizens, but because the IRS harasses and illegally jails those who resist, the rest of society is scared to believe that they must pay or something horrible will happen to them (numerous cases are happening all over the U.S. where people are winning against the IRS - but you won't hear this on your nightly news!). If anyone really studies the Internal Revenue Code and also asks an IRS agent what specific statute and implementing regulation makes them liable, you won't find or get an answer because there is none! IT'S TIME TO WAKE UP AMERICA AND TAKE BACK YOUR RIGHTS! – adailey -- There is currently a move by www.parentalrights.org to organize and pass a constitutional amendment that would protect the parents' rights to determine what is best for their own children. If we have the constitutionally guaranteed right to determine what is best for our own children (including the right to homeschool or refuse vaccines), compulsory vaccination becomes a non-issue. We homeschool and have not had to vaccinate our children or exempt them from vaccinations for school, but we do get grilled if we happen to need stitches or a broken bone set at the ER for one of our six children. Another thing we do that helps us avoid all newborn vaccinations is homebirthing of our children. (Although this is not the main reason we homebirth, it is a nice perk!) Parents need to take responsibility for the health decisions they make for their children, and that includes educating themselves about all procedures or "shots" that the doctor may want to do. Our family avoids the doctor's office except if we are REALLY sick (as in the home-remedies did not work.) None of our children has needed antibiotics, even for UTI or ear infections for over 2 years. We research and use natural remedies that actaully work and concnetrate on good health. Parents MUST stand up for their children's health. No one else will do it. -- dariusz -- people lets face it americans are the most naive nation in the world and most trusting their government, that is why it does what it wants ; in my country there would be riots in the streets like the one in kosowo right now; -- america has no gut to fight; u all mercola people -no offense- will end up in already built nazi camps; they have space for 15 mln people unless u get to the streets and fight; there is no other way around -- www.infowars.net/.../210208Camps.htm -- Barbiec1953 -- Read the book Liberal Facism by Jonah Goldberg -- Vince C -- dariusz, They are disclosed now! -- They are known as the FEMA camps in Alsaka! -- Audrey, The media doesn't USE dumb people, it creates dumb people... -- It's called: The Dumbing Down of America! -- As for the IRS, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals have activated estoppels against the Department of the Treasury, the Internal Revenue Service, and the Department of Justice concerning illegal taxation and unlawful prosecution. I can't disprove or verify those facts. -- Burt G -- Why does it seem that everyone is ignoring the fact that immunizing newborns (and infants up to 6 months of age) is JUNK SCIENCE, and total quackery. Humans do not have an immune system that is capable of building up immunities for the first 6 months of life. -- Injecting any type of vaccine that could be beneficial for an adult (however unlikely that may be) will only WEAKEN or HARM the body of an infant that cannot develop immunities of its own. That is one reason that breastfeeding is so critical in the first 6 months of life - to pass on immune factors from the mother. -- What’s my authority for the preceding statement? -- I attended a fascinating 2-day seminar presented by a wise medical doctor, age 73, in August 2005 where he asked this question of a group of 60 nurses and doctors from all parts of the country. "What is your excuse for allowing the vaccinating of newborns in your care, knowing that it scientifically impossible to help them?" No one had a good answer as to why they were going along with the harmful scam. It was a sobering moment that I will never forget, as I saw most of them look down in shame. -- The even scarier part is that the ensuing conversation revealed that the hospitals and clinics that employed them, had told them to vaccinate the infants SECRETLY (like when their parents were out of the room, or turned their backs) whenever their parents refused or opted out. The nurses were told they would be protected from lawsuits for following these illegal orders!! -- eqhealth07 -- Manslaughter? Let's up it to full blown homicide! -- 4Hand Healthy -- Anytime harm is caused that could have been prevented, and the "responsible" parties were aware of the danger (and they very likely were) that is the same as premeditation. -- brandigity -- Full working link to The Conscious Woman online course that RLazar-Paleley referenced below on childhood vaccination questions all parents should ask: www.consciouswoman.org – foxtroter -- Talk about opening Pandora's Box -- Merclola states: "Doctors Are The Third Leading Cause of Death in the US, Causing 225,000 Deaths Every Year" -- " ALL THESE ARE DEATHS PER YEAR:  * 12,000 -- unnecessary surgery * 7,000 -- medication errors in hospitals * 20,000 -- other errors in hospitals * 80,000 -- infections in hospitals * 106,000 -- non-error, negative effects of drugs -- These total to 225,000 deaths per year from iatrogenic causes !! -- http://www.mercola.com/2000/jul/30/doctors__death.htm -- [Those are reported deaths; unreported deaths by doctors in the U.S. are estimated at ten times as many. - LK] – BeyondOrganic -- Ever read "Death By Doctoring"? Pretty darn scary! We are all best to stay far, far,far away from the medical community! -- Raquel Lazar-Paley -- Resources on the internet are helping parents get educated about vaccinations. The Conscious Woman dot org new online community is even offering a series of interactive online workshops via WebEx with Dr. Tedd Koren on vaccinations to help get the word out to the general community. – dherto -- Nationalized healthcare will bring more challenges to these (and other) freedoms ... watch out! – gus -- There is a Bach Flower Remedy for slow learners, maybe if we could put it in the water.... – healthfoodnut -- I just read this morning that in New York State "Any child born after Jan 1, 2008 will be required to be vaccinated against pneumonia before they can begin attending daycare or school." -- So lets add this chemical concoction to all of the other "mandatory" shots that are "required" for our children. When will all of this madness stop? When will the public realize that their children are being poisoned by the FDA (Federal Drugcompany Alliance.) -- Paul Doyon -- In principle, I am against the death penalty - but I would make an exception for these ****ards. And that also goes for the number one sicko in the number one American psychiatric ward - i.e. the White House - for crimes against humanity. -- curious7 -- It has always been my conviction that the death penalty should be used only for serial killers, and mass murderers. The drug companies fit the later. -- Mercola -- johnfryer -- I know of TWO babies given this HEP B vaccine one only last year and resultant head swelling caused one death and one baby who will never lead a normal life. -- kingcop -- Vaccines are effective? I don't believe so. In my 15 years of studying the vaccine question I have found no evidence that vaccines work. -- Motherpeace -- As a mother of two non immunized, attachment parented children I implore you to listen to this information. I live in Canada and as soon as I mention that my children are non immunized everyone assumes they can not go to school. That is not the case and requires only a simple sworn statement that it is my personal philosophy not to immunize and have the recorded with the dept of public health. THATS all. You must agree that if your child is sick you keep them home from school. Is that not ridiculous that it must be mandated to do that!!!!! I have had doctors refuse to take my children as patients because of this issue which shows me they are not for us anyway. Information is power and thank you Dr Mercola for having the courage and commitment to share this knowledge. -- meagan.mize -- All I have to say is Hallelujah!!! I am so thankful I was asked while I was pregnant with my first child “Are you going to vaccinate?” I didn’t know I had a choice. I chose not to, and am so pleased with that decision everyday. I talk about it a lot. I want other parents to know they have a choice as many don’t. Education is empowering! I hope this will start a ripple effect throughout the rest of the world. -- curious7 -- Please read the writings of one Dr. Linus Pauling, and his Vitamin C research on viruses. Today we are told viruses cannot be killed, but Dr. Pauling begs to differ. One of the main points Dr. Pauling brought up was the fact that Doctors today say too much Vitamin C can be toxic. Dr. Pauling disagrees. -- amymingasson -- Breastfeeding needs to be promoted more and more, especially on a website like this. The less babies are breastfed, the more supplements they will be needing in the years to come. Females of the species: use your breasts as they were meant to be used and get rid of these stupid pthalate-leaching plastic bottles of Nestlé formula! -- lisamichelleostella -- The troops at Walter Reed Hospital are being given anti-hepatitis B vaccines and their reactions are not good. -- GODSfriend
Polio (like Hepatitis A and cholera) is transmitted by oral-fecal, eating someone else's non processed bowel movement. Government Public Health agencies identified that water problem in the rapidly urbanizing America of the early 1900's. Improving infrastructure (not running poop water through the faucet) and personal hygiene was adequate to reduce several oral-fecal diseases dramatically (without vaccination). The AMA worked very hard to claim credit. -- Cedric4203 -- I have read articles from my chiropractor's office about the dangers of vaccinations and that they often have mecury and other toxic substances in them. I have learned that my chiropractor does not vaccinate his own children and they are among the happiest and healthiest – Rli -- The only thing this article doesn't mention is the fact that there was a period of time where they gave all pregnant women who had just delivered a baby, a blood transfusion - whether they needed it or not to stabilize them. At that time we didn't have the technology to check the blood for Hep B and our blood banks paid for blood instead of it being given free so sick people could have been paid for their blood as well. The women would go on with their lives and all of the sudden develop an illness or lots of illnesses the doctor couldn't identify but it went back to the Hep B found in that blood transfusion. I read that in either Prevention magazine or Reader's Digest. -- holler4health -- I had considered fostering children to give a needy child a loving home. However, when I went to the meeting I was informed that I would have to provide the medical care deemed appropriate by the state. As a former conventional medical provider who is now enlightened and reformed, I simply could not do it. Any child I know and love will not be subject to the ways of conventional medicine. -- Let's focus on the positive though. Awareness is at an all time high. We can actually take back our health with common sense and informed choices. -- Teresa Holler (www.holler4health.com) -- The Texan -- parentalrights.org and a constitutional amendment! -- Oh, please, what do you think is covered under -- UNALIENABLE RIGHTS -- as in "...all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among [AMONG] these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent [FROM THE CONSENT] of the governed." ??? -- Quit consenting! -- Amy929 -- 4th amendment of the United States Constitution reads as follows: -- The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized. -- The word seizure has several meanings, it not only refers to a confiscation, but also oppression of your consent. Nobody, absolutely nobody can use your body (or persons, as your body is refered in this amendment) w/out your consent – rosebudrs -- My autistic 7 yr old had damage from the Hep B vaccine. It has damaged his liver, and he struggles with severe anger issues. We are currently flushing out the vaccine with homeopathy, and we've seen extreme anger reactions to the clear. I'm hoping I have my child back when we are finished. -- The Therapist -- I find this article quite interesting, in that before I was deployed to Katrina I had just received the Hep A & B shots (first dose only of each). I became ill while there and had to leave shortly after I arrived. Soon after returning home I fell ill, and the next few months were a nightmare. The doctors said I had succumb to reactive arthritis, but my symptoms were much too severe and long lasting to be so, but my tests for RA were negative. After reading this article, I am now wondering if in fact I had a reaction to the Hep B vaccine, which is causing my severe joint pain, swelling, etc. No one has been able to help me thus far, and I will NOT take any more conventional medications. I am on B supplements and more, per my urine tests. I would very much like to find a cure for what I am living with, as it is worsening daily. – jsalmon -- I'm relieved that this type of lawsuit is happening but wish we had more US lawsuits against vaccine manufacturers. I read Dr. Mercola's good advice about how to opt out of vaccines. I would add one other item. There is case law that a bureaucrat cannot decide if your religion is one that abstains from vaccines and other medical procedures. So if you claim a religious exemption, you do not need to provide a defense of that position not list your religion. When we applied for our exemption with the Health Dept (needed for day care and later public school), it was handled very professionally and with no hassles. -- On another matter, when our son fell and cut open his chin recently, his doctor told us to go to the E/R for stitches and they wanted him to have a tetanus shot. Tetanus is the one vaccine I thought would be ok but it was only available as part of DPT and we knew there was no reason to get the other two vaccines. When we came back to have the stitches removed, the nurse told us that there was another family that need just tetanus the very next day and the staff were concerned that they could not find single doses of just tetanus (they were available as boosters for older children but not for 2 year olds). The head physician attempted to get us into conversation about our reasons, which we carefully avoided discussing, and when the single dose wasn't available, he explained "our goal it to 'immunize' every single person in the U.S., that is why they are given together." -- We found a pediatrician who would not require vaccines (we had to drop one who did) but he will 'lecture' us each time about the value of them even as he tells us that the children in his practice who are not vaccinated are the healthiest. -- Finally, I'd like to see a future article on the so-called super vaccine which I understand is in development and would actually give ALL vaccines at birth. To a newborn!

__Relaxing after Major Stress Leads to Hearth Attacks
Fri Mar 7, 2008 7:01 pm 506
- This is from a very recent issue of Dr. Mercola's enewsletter at www.mercola.com. Readers' comments at the end add quite a bit of helpful info. LK You Will Never Guess the Surprising Cause of Most Heart Attacks __Do you think you know what causes heart attacks? In this video, Dr. David Holt, the leading U. S. physician in German New Medicine, explains that the conventional explanation for heart attacks may not be accurate at all. Conflicts involving territorial loss -- such as losing a family member, your home, or your financial stability -- cause changes in the coronary arteries of all animals -- including humans. __And as Dr. Holt explains, those changes very often lead to heart attacks -- days or even weeks after your conflict has been resolved. __Dr. Mercola Dr. Mercola's Comments: Ask anyone what the most common symptom of a heart attack is, and most people will say “chest pain. ” Well, this is incorrect. The most common symptom of a heart attack is sudden death. __It can happen completely out of the blue, and many of you probably know of someone in your life who was trim and fit with none of the typical heart attack risk factors -- no high cholesterol, no high blood pressure, a healthy eater, and a regular exerciser -- yet died suddenly of a heart attack. __In the video above, Dr. David Holt, who is involved in some cutting-edge work known as German New Medicine, has just explained why this is so. __Your physical health is a direct manifestation of the various conflicts you’ve faced throughout your lifetime, along with your reaction to them. __This is not a theory or something to be discounted as “new agey. ” This is the result of decades of focused, scientific work by some of the sharpest minds in the business: Dr. Geerd Hamer and Bruce Lipton. Their work has taken the widespread notion that your emotions influence your health (even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that 85 percent of diseases have an emotional element) to a much higher, more specific level. __How a “Territory Conflict” Can Give You a Heart Attack Let’s say the recent mortgage crisis has caused you to lose your home, or you recently lost a close family member. Both of these territorial losses have signaled your body that you’re under stress and to “get ready for a fight. ” __During this first phase, your coronary artery is actually made larger to get more of your blood flowing, and to help you win your upcoming “battle. ” Once your conflict is resolved, perhaps you find a way to keep your house, or you talk through your feelings of grief over your loved one’s death, your body moves into the second, restoration phase, and will begin to restore your artery. __As Dr. Holt says, this can lead to a rise in cholesterol, which occurs to “spackle” the nooks in your coronary artery. And it is around this time, during your resolution of your emotional conflict that a heart attack can occur. __The severity of your heart attack will be directly related to the length of time that your territorial conflict festered. __Stop Dwelling and Start Resolving Your Emotional Conflicts! It is imperative that you tend to all of these emotional conflicts as soon as possible, as the research shows that if you go longer than nine months with a moderate to severe territorial conflict, it is likely you won’t survive the heart attack that follows. __A classic example is an executive who has felt his “territory” at work threatened by a younger workforce for many months or even years. Then, upon their retirement -- when the conflict has finally been resolved -- they experience a massive heart attack.  __Now, here’s the kicker. Sometimes a conflict is so extreme that you know you’ve been emotionally impacted immediately. But, oftentimes, you may have no idea. __In many cultures, we are taught to suppress our emotions, and to “grin and bear it. ” Well, little did you know but those underlying resentments, arguments, regrets and guilty feelings can all manifest into disease in time. So please, find a method of real stress relief and use it regularly -- whether you think you need it or not. My particular favorite is the psychological acupressure technique the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), as it’s simple to use and extremely effective. __Related Articles: Most Common Cause of Heart Attacks Heart Attack Triggers You Should Know Important News You Need to Know About Heart Disease __Community Comments __Stephen Dupre __This is my understanding. And it's based on the work of Matthias Rath, MD. who wrote "Why animals don't have heart attacks but people do" linking humans cardiovascular problems primarily to our body's inability to make it's own vitamin-C. Animals produce their own vitamin-C. Humans do not. (Humans did at one time but the gene got crippled at some point and we no longer do.) [This book is free on the web in PDF format on Rath's site] Rath worked with Linus Pauling until Paulings' death at 93. __Stress depletes your body of vitamin-C. This causes among other things, artery walls to crack (low-level scurvy or "bleed out" disease. Lyme patients often have this too). __Cholesterol is the body's 2nd answer to fixing/sealing the cracks (having enough vitamin C is the first need to avoid the cracks but our bodies don't produce it but do produce cholesterol). __Cholesterol is often blamed for being "at the scene of the crime" but it's doing it's job. Statin at this point is just what your body doesn't need. LOWERING cholesterol means less crack filling and something can rupture. If the rupture is in your brain, it's a stroke. Wonder what the incidence of stroke is for statin patients. Does anyone track this? __Rath figured out a nutritional formula to cure cardiovascular disease with a supplement formula of proline, lysine, vitamin-C and EGCG. His evidence is before and after ultrafast CT-Scans of the arteries of his patients showing the reversal of plaque without statins and without surgery. __The vitamin-C (we're talking grams, not the piddly 60mg RDA) eliminates the need for cholesterol to fill the cracks. The lysine and proline clean out the cholesterol that's already there. (since the arteries are stronger and no longer cracking due to the low-level scurvy). __I think the nutritional angle while under stress is important. I take up to 10 grams of vitamin-C per day when under stress. I think Pauling used to talk about 20-30grams when needed. __Charisse __I totally agree with you (and Linus). . . . Vit. C is very important. . . people can sometimes notice if they might be deficient if they bruise easily and don't heal fast. . . I notice that when I neglect my vit. C, I tend to bruise more. . . which would tend to support "bleed out. "(P.S. my platelet count is fine). . . . I also take up to 10,000 mg when sick, stressed, late to bed. . . . this was told to me by an Indian thorasic surgeon years before I even read Pauling's book. . . (you must rest and drink plenty of water on this therapy, too). . . . Also, drinking raw milk has vit. C! __Ati Petrov __What Stepehn notes is another piece of the puzzle and it confirms Dr. Hamer's findings. Dr. Hamer indicates that a heart attack actually happens at the height of a healing process and it is triggered in the brain, as it heals the heart relays which were affected by the "territorial anger" stress. __During the stress period our arteries widen by losing cells. Cholesterol helps fill in the cracks - the "bad" cholesterol which is sticky, is the one used by the body at this phase. So increase in cholesterol is a sign of healing, in essence. Taken to the extreme or if it lasts too long, this accumulation of cholesterol can clog our arteries, so using natural means to control and reduce it gradually will help us heal with out problems. __Vitamin C is a stimulant of the sympathetic nervous system, which is the one active during periods of stress. And it is one of the reasons why we are depleted of this vitamin during stress - we use it up! __During healing, it is the parasympathetic system which is involved. if healing happens too fast, we can get into trouble. Taking vitamin C at this time helps slow down the healing process to a bearable pace by switching us to sympathetic system action for a while, while also making us healthy. __Statins do not do that - they only suppress the healing, causing the body to get confused (by the additional chemical side-effects) and also to rebel by pushing to produce yet more cholesterol, putting us in a vicious cycle. Statins also prevent our body from absorbing many other nutrients, causing us to get ill. . . at a time when we are healing and need all our resources! __One of the problems with healing from emotional stress, is dealing with the emotions themselves. And here, modern alternative medicine has developed over the past 200 years homeopathic medicine. Homeopathic remedies have the capability to reduce emotional stress, even cancelling out the effects of past emotional trauma. __bagarino __I don't believe it is vitamin C. I don't believe that diet is that important. I'm convinced that the main cause of cardiovascular disease is vitamin D deficiency. How else does one explain why 20 cigarettes a day and/or a diet poor in this vitamin are so lethal in Finland, Scotland and Ireland whereas residents of countries with good levels of sunshine (along with a 'better' diet) show much lower rates of CVD, even when worse smoking habits are taken into account. Anyone will tell you that the men around the Eastern Mediterranean smoke an enormous amount. . . the Italians say 'fumare come un turco'. . . to smoke like a Turk - yet rates of CVD are much lower. The declines in CVD in Finland have arisen as smoking has fallen massively, but also when the population were asked to drop butter, cheese and eggs from the diet and exchange them for 3 or more portions of oily fish a week. As Finland has got richer in recent years, many Finns have begun to take winter breaks in the sun (the Canary Islands are Helsinki over Christmas and New Year) as well as buying sunbeds and light boxes to overcome winter depression. __CVD (as well as multiple sclerosis and lung cancer) shows an almost perfect correlation with latitude and sunshine when smoking habits are taken into consideration. I rest my case. __RichJedi __As I've taught in some recent articles that I've written. The real cause of heart attacks and so many other health conditions, barring an obvious physical problem (Blocked arteries, etc), is excess fire energy (chi) in the body. __Sounds "new agey" huh. . well, it's really "old agey". It's been known in Chinese medicine and chi-gung for millenia now. Fire chi also leads to cancer, tumor, the afforementioned heart attacks, skin conditions, premature aging and more. That's why meditaion, tai chi, deep breathing, rest, removing stress, diet and such help to combat those problems, because they all increase water chi (yin) and cool down the fire in the body. __There is a specific set of breathing exercises called "The six healing sounds" that helps to purge the organs of excess fire chi when done regularly. This is all in accordance with modern physics and science as well, yet the Chinese have known and done these for thousands of years now. By purging the 5 main organs (Heart, lungs, liver, spleen and kidneys (yin)) of this excess fire (yang) energy, you maintain the functional balance of each organ and ensure that they work properly. __As I teach on my video, each organ must have the correct (voltage) if you will. Just as with any electronic device, if it doesn't have the right voltage, over time it breaks down and eventually fails. Computers are very voltage specific, 3.3 volts, 5 volts, 12, etc. If the voltage is wrong, over time it degrades and fails. While our organs are more advanced and can regenerate moreso, that is dependent on the proper flow, balance, strength and amount of chi or bio-energy in the body. If it's too yang (fire), it breaks down faster. If it's too yin with not enough yang, it's function will be impaired, such as a weak heart or other organ. __Emotions such as anger, hatred, jealousy cause excess fire chi. Stress, worry and fear weakens the kidneys and allow fire energy to flare up which can lead to heart attack and other fire ailments. __pooster __Heart disfunction is highly correlated with the T2 subluxation. Another reason to bolster your health and quality of life with undiluted chiropractic care. __fred hahn __Yes stress is a killer. We all know this. Read The Choice Theory or The Secret and this will help. __Nadia John __I personally know that stress can destroy your health. After spending 15+ years in a 'stress to the max' job, I had to quit. I am 56 years old and currently rated as 70% disabled. My current health issues are numerous. I have 8 siblings and their health issues are: 2 brothers had heart attacks at age 41 & 45; Dad died @ 63 after several heart attacks; 4 brothers & sisters with diabetes; 2 had to have 'pumps' inserted due to uncontrollable sugar levels; 2 use diet/pills. 1 sister died of a kidney disorder. 2 have thyroid problems. 2 have Irritable Bowel Syndrome, fibromyalgia, arthritis, 6 with asthma problems, all 9 of us have problems with minor - severe problems with depression. Each one of us deals with stress on a daily basis. __LadyPam __Dr Ramesh, safflower oil is not just as bad as coconut oil: it is seriously bad, at least for cooking (I know some opinions are still divided about cold use). Coconut oil is THE BEST oil for cooking. And yes, false propaganda has raged against it for decades in the Western world. The main reason is, as always, MONEY. __There is masses of information about coconut oil, the lies the general public believes about polyunsaturated oils (e. g. sunflower) and others on this site. The same applies to omega 3: not all omega 3s are created equal and propotions of 3 to 6 and 9 are vitally important as well! Do some searches on this site and settle down for a long reading session. __johnfryer __Hi - I am normally 200 per cent in apreement with everything on this site. In this case I am 2,000 per cent in DISAGREEMENT. __The causes of heart attack are SIMPLE. 1 Too much VIGOROUROUS or LONG exercise is LETHAL. I know too many old people that DIED at the GYM. 2 Physical as opposed to mental strain - I nearly died just picking something up TOO HEAVY. The heart collapsed or rather lost most of its energy. It did this like glass with NO warning - the only slight clue was this is too heavy for me! __I survived as a powerless person until the heart kicked back into full action. I was young and too scared even to seek medical help. From memory this was only a matter of three or so days. __I believe most of what is on here. The third way is to be exposed to nerve destroying chemicals, be it organophosphate insecticides or mercury laced vaccines for example. My own dad died 12 hours after cleaning out a shedful of OP's on a very hot day. Harry Clark died 6 hours after receiving a mercury vaccine. __The causes of heart attack are REAL and do not lie in your imagination. I was stressed beyond belief by my boss for years but it never gave me anything more than a huge determination to prove him wrong and me right. Death never entered into the equation for me. Most of the ABOVE are DENIED and FORGOTTEN to our own peril. __kurt_nielsen __I know of someone (Lila Dahl) that has written a book & audio book with step by step instructions. I never tried it myself but I understand how it works. She's had a flood of people ask for her book and by their own testimonials have actually cured cancers and other diseases. People have regained the ability to walk where they were clinically diagnosed as unable to walk. Some people live in fear and are unable to leave their home. It seems all disorders can be addressed through this method. Her website hasn't been updated for a while but she is able to be contacted through it. Her program & website is called "Mind Revision". __sandra0 __And. . . most heart attacks occur when the body is acid, as opposed to alkaline!Which always happens when stressed, eating high protein, etc. . .

__Main Health Dangers and Health Needs
Fri Mar 7, 2008 6:55 pm 505
- First, here are the greatest dangers in order of severity of risk, according to my opinion after having read many sources. 1. Microwave, RF & other radiation - from cellphones, cordless phone bases, wireless transmitters & devices, microwave ovens, xray machines... S: safer areas, neutralizing & shielding devices... 2. Improper medicating - with OTCs, cholesterol drugs, blood pressure drugs, psychotropic drugs, - recreational drugs, vaccination... S: avoidance 3. High glycemic foods - flour, grain products, sugar, concentrated sweets S: avoidance 4. Hydrogenated fats & artificial transfats - most vegetable oils, most shortening, margarine, processed foods... S: avoidance 5. Mercury contamination - from amalgam fillings, vaccines, most fish & seafood, fluorescent lights - imported herbs... S: avoidance, use arctic salmon, sardines packed in olive oil 6. Glutimate-containing foods - MSG, flavoring, texturized protein, tomato puree... S: avoidance, use organic herbs & spices 7. Fluoridation - of most tapwater, most bottled water S: avoidance, reverse osmosis, distilling, use filtered rainwater 8. Chlorination - of most tapwater, flour, milk & produce S: avoidance, use organic milk, use home-grown produce... 9. Highly heated foods - charred food, oil fried food, most cereal S: avoidance, fry with water, steam, use sprouted grains 10. Artificial foods - artificial sweeteners, artificial fat, artificial whipped cream, - artificial cream S: avoidance, use banana for sweetening, use natural fats, eggs, dairy... 11. Most soy foods - all but miso, soy sauce & tempeh S: avoidance, use only miso, soy sauce [tamari], or tempeh 12. Pesticides, antibiotics, chemical treatments S: avoidance, soak & rinse produce, use untreated meat 13. Indoor air pollution - from chlorine in shower water, cleansers, smoke, chemical fumes... S: avoidance, use chlorine filter, use ventillation with a fan 14. Outdoor air pollution - from chemtrails, motor exhaust, industry... S: avoidance of heavily polluted areas, use chembusters... 15. Leaching - from plastics, teflon, white paper, water pipes S: avoidance 16. Overindulging - of meat, protein, carbohydrates... S: indulge in more water & low glycemic natural foods & activity 17. Aggression S: emotional & intellectual maturation, healthful diet & lifestyle... - Here are what I think are the Most Important Health Needs: 1. emotional & intellectual maturity; 2. EM Radiation protection & avoidance; 3. at least one third raw food diet: fruit, vegs, seeds, nuts, eggs, kefir; etc, 4. natural fats: Arctic salmon, sardines in olive oil, raw eggs, kefir, coconut oil, olive oil, butter, flax seeds, raw nuts, lard, clean meat; 5. avoidance of high glycemic index foods: no flour or grain products, except sprouts; minimal sugar, honey, syrup, molasses, or dried fruits; minimal potato or sweet potato products; use banana for sweetening; 6. plenty of pure water, unchlorinated, unfluoridated; 7. avoidance of bad fats & other health dangers above; 8. get hard exercise in 5 to 15 minute bursts; 9. get half an hour of outdoor sunshine per day or use Blue Ice, or Carlson's, cod liver oil for Vitamin D in winter; 10. use natural remedies.

__Cause & Cure of High Blood Pressure
Tue Mar 4, 2008 6:14 pm 502
HIGH BLOOD VISCOSITY CAUSES HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE -- I just learned from a special issue of Second Opinion newsletter that thickness, or viscosity, of blood is probably the main cause of high blood pressure. So I did some net searches on how to lower blood viscosity and found the following info. - GDay. Lloyd Reduce blood viscosity with Extra Water [Lemon & Banana Water & Zeta Water], Carlson's Fish Oil, Salmon, Sardines, Flax Seeds, Cayenne, Garlic, Reishi Mushroom, Hawthorne Berries, Less Meat, Qigong Exercise ZetaWater: 5oz K-Citrate+1oz BakingSoda+13C Water, Grapes, Yarrow, Silica, Cabbage & Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Valerian _Try HAWTHORN, GRAPES, YARROW, SILICA, LEMON + HONEY, CABBAGE + CHAMOMILE, LEMON BALM, VALERIAN for Circulation. http://curezone.com/forums/fm.asp?i=1105892 _Supplements and herbs _In one controlled study, a reishi extract showed the ability to reduce blood viscosity and plasma viscosity in hypertensive patients (Chang & But, 1986). In another study, Reishi extracts were reported to lower blood pressure (Kanmatsuse et all 1985). Reishi is said to act as a cardio-tonic and has been used to treat arrhythmia (Ding, 1987). Another key action of Reishi is its anti-allergic effects. _Cayenne Pepper is one of the greatest herbs. It is the number one circulatory herb, being extremely effective and totally harmless. It prevents stickiness of blood platelets, considerably reducing the tendency to clot. It cleans the blood vessels making long term use or regular courses a rejuvenator of the circulation. Its action on the heart goes even further to help produce a regular heart beat. Cayenne Pepper even has the capability to abort some types of heart attack and angina. _Hawthorn can slow down a racing heart, reduce or eliminate palpitations, act as a vasodilator, thus improving heart function. It also brings down high blood pressure, and calms anxiety, both in children and adults, without inducing drowsiness or memory lapses. Cardiac muscles can be bolstered by herbal supplements of the hawthorn herb. Dosage of this herb can be about two tbsp. of the herbal juice of the hawthorn mixed in water, and taken thrice every day for a supplemental period lasting a few weeks. Lymph cleansing~ zeta potential http://curezone.com/forums/fm.asp?i=1059217 _zeta potential is a factor in the viscosity of the blood AND the lymph: http://www.alkalizeforhealth.net/compostingtoilets.htm _A connection between under active thyroid (hypothyroidism) and cancer is that the lymph fluid becomes "thicker" and other tissues also thicken. This makes it more difficult for the fluid to flow, resulting in cellular oxygen starvation, nutrient starvation, buildup of acidic waste products, and edema (swelling). Some doctors suggest that increased viscosity of the lymph due to hypothyroidism is a factor in all chronic illness. For example, see Solved: The Riddle of Illness, by Stephen Langer, MD et al. (Drinking an abundance of water also thins the body fluids, allowing them to flow and penetrate more easily. See also our page on zeta potential and blood coagulation). _Zeta potential water is easy, here's a link to a recipe: http://curezone.com/forums/fm.asp?i=901675#i _Riddick's Zeta Potential water http://curezone.com/forums/fm.asp?i=901675 _I'm using Z water along with the iodine supplementation. http://curezone.com/forums/fm.asp?i=901341#i _I do things a little differently due to time/space restraints (a.k.a work). We keep Z water in a large (3 gal) ceramic dispenser. In the morning I drink 27 oz of concentrate/lemon/salt water...in the afternoon, 40 oz. of Z water. The recipe [for z water] is .1 g baking soda and .9 g tripotassium citrate mixed with 1 liter distilled or R.O. water; the measures are critical. _Dr. Riddick on Zeta potential, this references making a stock solution: http://www.hbci.com/~wenonah/riddick/chap22.htm We find 50 g/l of straight potassium citrate is the most effective. We add 10 grams of potassium (or sodium) bicarbonate to all Stock Solutions, regardless of formulation. This raises the pH of the Standard Solution to 8.0–8.4. _1) Sodium is coagulative in zeta potential. Lack of optimum zeta potential causes thick blood and lymph. http://www.alkalizeforhealth.net/compostingtoilets.htm _"A connection between under active thyroid (hypothyroidism) and cancer is that the lymph fluid becomes "thicker" and other tissues also thicken. This makes it more difficult for the fluid to flow, resulting in cellular oxygen starvation, nutrient starvation, buildup of acidic waste products, and edema (swelling). Some doctors suggest that increased viscosity of the lymph due to hypothyroidism is a factor in all chronic illness. For example, see Solved: The Riddle of Illness, by Stephen Langer, MD et al. (Drinking an abundance of water also thins the body fluids, allowing them to flow and penetrate more easily. See also our page on zeta potential and blood coagulation)." http://curezone.com/forums/fm.asp?i=960354#i _And, Max Gerson on sodium/potassium balance: http://gerson-research.org/docs/GersonM-1949-1/index.html _Multifaceted Health Benefits of Medical Qigong _Qigong Biological Benefits: Blood pressure; Blood viscosity; Hypertension; Immune system; etc. _Changes in blood chemistry in hypertensive patients. _Wang, Xu and co-workers made a series of determinations indicating the profound effects that qigong exercise may have on blood chemistry of hypertensive subjects. Improvements were noted in plasma coagulationfirbrinolysis indices, blood viscosity, erythrocyte deformation index, levels of plasma tissue-type plasminogen activator (tPA), plasminogen activator inhibitor (PAI), VIII factor related antigen (VIII R:AG), and anti-thrombin (AT-III). _Fish Oil compared to flaxseed? esp. for healing purposes: http://curezone.com/forums/fm.asp?i=759286, http://www.mercola.com/2002/apr/3/evolution.htm. _Flax is Not the Best Omega-3 Fat, By Dr. Artemis P. Simopoulos _A diet rich in omega-6 fats shifts the physiologic state to one that increases in blood viscosity, vasospasm, and vasoconstriction and decreases in bleeding time. _Effects of Dietary Flax Compared With Fish Oil _Experimental studies suggest that intake of 3-4 grams of ALA per day [from flax] is equivalent to 0.3 grams (300 mg) EPA per day. One advantage of the consumption of ALA over omega-3 fats from fish is that the problem of insufficient vitamin E intake does not exist with high intake of ALA from plant sources. _Dr. Mercola's Comment: As for fish itself, patients consuming nearly every type of fish these days are showing high levels of mercury in their systems [Arctic salmon and olive-oil-packed sardines are said to be very low in mercury etc] (Carlson's fish oil/cod liver oil has been entirely purified so you don't have to worry about these toxins.) _* Heart Formula, by DR. SCHULZE I would suggest a vegan food program, thus removing the animal glue from the blood and reducing the blood viscosity, which lets the heart do its job easier. _I have used my heart formula for this and all other heart illnesses with no problems, so I would continue. _Then I would get a bunch or organic or wildharvested hawthorne berry - remember the leaf is also effective - and make a big jug of (vodka) tonic. use that as a constitutional formula. Hawthore binds to and protects the heart cells and lets them thrive on less blood and oxygen and, if there is an incident, there will probably be NO heart cell damage. That is a start. _I would make very sure first you eliminate all of the other possible causes of the syndrome from caffiene, to hidden sugars, polluted water, non organic food, pesticides, animal food steriods, friends with harsh attitudes, stressfull jobs, traffic jams, hating life, irritating spouse and on and on, before I stopped taking the Heart Formula. _I would also use my Nerve Tonic. It is a powerful anti-spasmodic, about 40% Lobelia, and this has often helped those with irregular heartbeats. _And also don't forget hydrotherapy, like easy cold and hot alternating showers. As with all heart conditions, hydrotherapy should be eased into, but can be used right over the heart too. _Dr. Schulze

__FSM Can Restore Vision
Tue Mar 4, 2008 6:06 pm 501
FREQUENCY SPECIFIC MICROCURRENTS HEAL VISION ETC FSM -- Treatments are said to be excellent for restoring vision loss due to macular degeneration etc. frequencyspecific.com/practitioners.htm?country=USA, Dr. Edward C Co Kondrot MD-H, 2001 W Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85015, 800-430-9328, 602-631-4504 http://www.frequencyspecific.com/papers/sonov05.pdf _How can FSM work so fast? Electrical medical pioneer Dr. Robert Becker explained in his book The Body Electric. Electricity flows through your body constantly. The nerves conduct an AC current. But the membrane around your nerves, called the perineurium, conducts a DC microcurrent. The perineurium’s electrical system transmits information throughout your body and creates healing. For instance, Becker found that in amphibians, a severed limb could regenerate if the perineurium were left intact (even if the nerve itself was severed). _With FSM, the positive lead is applied closer to your spine, and the negative end further away. This matches the DC flow in your perineurium. With the proper frequency and enhancement of energy production from the machine, very rapid healing can occur! This means that if you’re one of millions of people who develop “unexplained” intractable pain and suffering not long after a seemingly minor injury, there’s both an explanation and hope for recovery. We see this a lot in whiplash injuries. _The reason this treatment can impact so many different illnesses is because there are frequencies for virtually every tissue, organ, and organ substructure (such as the gall bladder and bile ducts) in the body. That’s how FSM can effectively treat an organ dysfunction, such as inflammatory bowel disease, liver inflammation, heart and circulatory disease, endocrine gland dysfunction, and many others. _Obviously, the FSM machine poses a huge threat to the pharmaceutical industry. So you’d think it would be outlawed just like it was a hundred years ago. But FSM is completely legal and even approved by the FDA. FSM machines are a class-2 (safe) device approved for sale by the FDA as a TENS unit (which is very commonly used for pain). And it’s becoming more widely available. _Several hundred practitioners have been trained. You can find a doctor who uses FSM at the treatment’s official website www.frequencyspecific.com. There are also home units available by prescription that are programmed to deliver the most important frequencies for conditions such as fibromyalgia, whiplash, sports injuries, and more. The units are relatively expensive. But compared to a lifetime of pain, suffering, doctor visits, drugs, and physical limitation, $1300-$3550 for such a unit is a bargain. _Treatments with a practitioner typically last 60 minutes and will cost about $100-$150. I don’t think that’s much when you consider that dramatic results are usually attained the very first session and lasting results with just a few more sessions. _If your health practitioner is interested in learning more about FSM, Dr. McMakin is hosting teaching seminars in November and December. Please, take this report to open-minded physicians and encourage them to attend, by calling 877-695-7500. FSM is a service Terri and I offer. _Ref: Cheng, Gnok. Journal of Clinical Orthopedics, 1982, vol. 171. http://www.healingtheeye.com/microcurrent.html _Healing the Eye and Wellness Center _Changes in Microcurrent Stimulation _Many patients become interested in microcurrent after reading my book Microcurrent Stimulation: Miracle Eye Cure. The equipment and treatment has evolved since this book was published. I became interested in using microcurrent in 1999 after I read the report of Sam Snead having a marked improvement of his vision. This was reported by Tim Franklin, Publisher of the Hot Springs Star on March 17, 1998. Sam was quoted as saying, "I am going to get a drivers license next year". The mechanism of microcurrent is felt to be the following; 1) Increases the circulation to the eye, 2) Stimulates the function of the retinal cells and 3) Reduces scar tissue. The effects of 10 to 500 microamps on the cellular level have been documented by Dr. Cheng to increase ATP production by 500%, increase protein synthesis by 70% and increase cell transport by 40%. _I began using the Microstim 100 in 1998. This machine utilized a probe to treat 8 acupuncture points around the eye. 4 points were located above and 4 below each eye. Each point was treated for 12 sec. utilizing 4 different frequency settings ( 292 HZ, 30 Hz, 9.1 Hz and 0.3 Hz). The data from this instrument was published in my book Microcurrent Stimulation: Miracle Eye Cure 2001 and the Townscend Letter (a peer review journal) in October 2002. _This machine only had one channel and only 4 frequencies. It was postulated that the 2 higher frequencies (292 HZ and 30 HZ) reduced inflammation and the two lower frequencies (9.1 HZ and 0.3HZ) improved cellular function. This machine delivered generic frequencies that were not specific to the eye but could be used anywhere in the body. _Treatment with the OMCS _My research led to the investigation of a 2 channel machine. 2 separate channels wiht a frequency off set by 0.7 HZ would deliver a more broad spectrum effect and have a greater therapeutic effect. This machine had the advantage of a fixed current at 100 microamps regardless of the resistence present as the current passed into the body. This machine was developed to have the following frequencies with a 0.7 HZ off set. _Off Set Frequencies in the OMCS 292/ 292.7 HZ 30/30.7 HZ 9.1/ 9.8 HZ 0.3/ 1.0 HZ _This machine had a distinct advantage of the safety of the fixed current and broader action of the dual channel delivery system. _Two channel biospecific digital frequency machine _The Home Unit with gloves Through the brilliant work of Ning Wu and his team of electrical engineers we have developed the first home programmable microcurrent machine. This machine has 5 specific programs which can be customized for each patient. Programs are designed not only to treat the eye but also to detoxify the body, reduce stress and to treat other physical problems. _Current is delivered by using sliver meshed gloves that are wrapped in a damp washcloth. This delivery system has demonstrated to deliver a consistent microcurrent energy into the eye. The gloves and washcloths also add the versitility to be used in detox and body programs. _A new technique called Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) has produced a dramatic improvement in treatment outcomes of macular degeneration. Instead of using basic generic frequencies which have a low level effect on the diseased eye tissue, we now can use frequencies specific to the retinal tissue and the pathology. The energy is driven into the area needed for tissue repair. _Modern FSM utilizes hundreds of frequencies within the range of .01 to 999 Hz with varying intensities of 20 to 600 micro amps. Each tissue in the body has an individualized frequency; for example, the retina has a frequency of 95 Hz and macula 137 Hz. Each type of pathology also has a frequency. Hemorrhage has a frequency of 18 and edema is 14. _FSM is "frequency specific" because the frequencies of the tissue and that of the pathology are “matched” with two frequencies. For example hemorrhage in the macula the FSM treatment would use 18 Hz and 137 Hz. These coupled frequencies then match the exact abnormalities that are present in the damaged tissue. The desired effect is to neutralize those frequencies that are in disharmony.

__Second Opinion and Health Alert Newsletters
Wed Feb 27, 2008 8:29 pm 500
For Dr. Douglass' Second Opinion see http://douglassreport.com/ and for Dr. West's Health Alert see http://healthalert.com.
Winter 08 Special Issue of Second Opinion
HEART & CIRCULATION -- A special report -- Make Yourself Heart Attack Proof, tells of a new test that measures blood viscosity & labs that do it & a way to optimize viscosity quickly.
HEARING -- Take 600 mg vitamin C & 300 mg of Rebamipide a day. Prescription is needed; mail-order sources list is provided.
SODIUM BENZOATE DANGER -- Avoid anything containing sodium benzoate, found in many soft drinks, juices, salad dressing, pickles, jams etc. It reacts with vitamin C ascorbic acid to form benzene, a toxic cancer-causing substance.
VISION -- Use FSM, Frequency Specific Microcurrent, a 20 minute treatment with tiny painless current applied at acupuncture points near the eyes, to improve vision quickly and significantly.
FLU -- To avoid flu, similar to cabin fever, take 5,000 IU per day of vitamin D3, or a tablespoon of Carlson's or Blue Ice cod liver oil. The flu is due to lack of sunshine.
RADIATION PROTECTION -- Take vitamins C & E, selenium, CoQ10, ALA & N-acetyl cysteine to protect against most kinds of radiation.
SUNBURN -- Prevent sunburn with nutrition: colored vegetables & fruit, organic green tea & cocoa. OLD AGE -- Improve strength, mobility and help prevent injuries in old age by taking up to 5 gm/day of creatine from health food stores.
TYLENOL, ACETAMINOPHEN DANGER -- This product causes serious liver damage.
HEADACHE -- Take willow bark or capsaicin.
INFLAMMATION -- Take curcumin, ginger, boswellia or proteolytic enzymes, [or MMS].
PAIN FROM INJURY -- Take the homeopathic remedy, Traumeel.
EXERCISE WITH OXYGEN -- For many conditions, including old age, walk on a treadmill for 15 minutes/day while breathing high-flow oxygen.
PROSTATE PSA tests are unreliable.
INFECTIONS -- Use UBI therapy.
Dr. Bruce West's Health Alert -- Jan. 08 issue
CHOLESTEROL -- Cholesterol is not a factor in heart disease and is not bad for anyone.
BUTTER -- Butter contains oil that is high in Activator X and Wulzen Factor. These nutrients, along with Carlson's cod liver oil etc, can end the pain of arthritis, osteoporosis and joint problems.
FAILURE TO THRIVE -- This is caused by a lack of healthy fats, as in breast milk, cream, Carlson's or Blue Ice cod liver oil, coconut oil etc. See www.westonaprice.org for nutrient-dense meal plans.
SCRATCHY THROAT -- Use Herbal Throat Spray, made from marshmallow root, calendula flower, echinacea root & myrrh.
BREAST RADIATION DANGER -- This treatment tends to cause heart disease. See www.cancerdecisions.com.
FLUORIDE DANGER -- See www.fluoridealert.org.