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Oct 31 10 7:41 AM

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Vicks Vaporub
& or: honey + cinnamon powder paste
& or: oatmeal wash
& or: mix of vinegar + water
& or: aloe vera
& or: mix of coconut oil + lime juice
& or: vitamin E
& or: mix of aloe vera, cod liver oil, lemon juice, vitamin E + wheat germ oil
& or: hot water
& or: paste of baking soda + water
& or: neem extract or oil

[Edited 9/2/2011]
Electrolytes are a specific combination of minerals that the body needs to maintain in balance to function properly. Dehydration, diarrhea, malnutrition, self-induced vomiting and laxative and/or diuretic abuse can all cause imbalances in the electrolytes. Common symptoms are leg cramps, heart palpitations, high or low blood pressure and swelling in the legs and feet. A severe electrolyte imbalance can lead to kidney failure, heart attack and death.
Symptoms of Specific Deficiencies
a. Potassium - Common symptoms of depleted potassium are muscle cramps, problems with skin, continuous thirst, and decreased blood pressure.
b. Calcium - Common symptoms of depleted calcium are arm and leg numbness, headaches, fragile bones, insomnia, and muscle cramps.
c. Sodium - Common symptoms of depleted sodium are appetite loss, cramps, fatigue, eye disturbances, vomiting, confusion, and weakness.
d. Phosphorus - Common symptoms of depleted phosphorus are appetite loss, bone pain, fatigue, irregular breathing, dental problems, and heart and kidney problems.
e. Magnesium - Common symptoms of depleted magnesium are aching muscles, anxiety, confusion, decreased blood pressure and body temperature, noise sensitivity, and rapid pulse.

Drawing Salve for Stings, Infected Bites etc.

[Edited 7/24/2011]
* I got stung twice by a hornet yesterday at the base of my index finger and on the bottom of my ear atop my earlobe. I applied Prid drawing salve to the stings right away and neither one of them swelled up and the pain eased quickly and didn't last long.
* When I was stung by a wasp last year on the chin, my chin and lower lip swelled up a lot for over a day.
* Two days earlier when I was doing concrete work, I noticed an itch above my left ankle. I thought it was a mosquito bite. But it still itched a few hours later after work. I then saw that it was reddening, and it must have been from some other more poisonous bug bite. So I applied the salve to it under a bandaid. I went back to work the next 2 days. It never swelled, but after the 2nd day it was reddening over a larger area, so I decided that I needed to stay off my foot for a day and I applied more salve under 3 small bandaids. Now, at the end of the day of mostly staying off my feet, the reddening has reduced a lot and the tenderness is only in a small area.
* Two months ago I got a similar bug bite above my right ankle and it reddened and kept swelling up over a larger area for two days. Then, my friend Gene, who does Touch for Health, told me by phone to apply drawing salve to it under a bandaid. He said most of the swelling would go down overnight. And he was right.
* Drawing salve is also called black salve. The main ingredient in a black salve I used before for moles and other blemishes is bloodroot herb. The ingredients in Prid drawing salve are homeopathic remedies, including: acidum carbolicum, ichthammol, arnica mont, calendula off., echinacea ang., sulfur, hepar sulph, silicea; and also non-homeopathic ingredients to make the salve: rosin, beeswax, petroleum [jelly?], stearyl alcohol, methyl and propyl paraben. Gene actually recommended Boil Ease drawing salve, but it wasn't available. Prid seems to work at least as well. Boil Ease contains benzocaine, which is a numbing agent, which may be toxic to one's liver and kidneys etc.

Leg Infection
Cured with Drawing Salve

[Edited 6/5/2011]
* I arrived back in New Hampshire from the St. Louis area in early May and moved into my RV. I got a couple of bug bites each day. First I thought they were mosquito bites, but they occurred only on my arms, chest and neck. The last 2 were on my right lower leg.
* After about 3 weeks I realized the bites were not from mosquitoes and might be from an infestation in the RV. First I thought they may be from bed bugs, but after washing and drying all my clothes and using neem oil etc to kill bed bugs, I continued to get more bites the next day. So the next most likely candidate seemed to be mites. Fleas, chiggers and ticks usually start biting the leg area. Scabies and maybe lice go for the folds of the skin. But bed bugs and mites go more for open areas away from folds etc.
* I got tea tree oil etc to kill mites and I encased my bedding in plastic. That seemed to get rid of the bites at last. But then, one of the last bites I got on the lower right leg above the ankle got infected. Overnight I tried MMS and a poultice of mashed clover leaves with neem oil, H2O2, rubbing alcohol etc. But while working and walking on my leg for a few hours the next day, the infection got worse. The third day I worked for about 2 hours and the infection got still worse and spread down to my ankle.
* Soaking in hot water with epsom salt and later in cold water with an ice pack didn't improve the condition noticeably. I finally called Gene, down in Nashua, who does Touch for Health with Muscle Testing etc. He didn't use that on my by phone, but he has a lot of experience with herbs etc. He said to get some drawing salve from a drug store etc and put that on the bite and it would draw out much of the swelling by morning. He also said to eat garlic and some cloves and an immune system booster, like echinacea. Instead, I used Turmeric, which Dr. Mercola is great for the immune system. I also took the garlic and cloves to help repel biting bugs.
* The salve reduced the swelling quite a bit by morning, but it took 2 more days to reduce it enough to be able to work again. I rested for two days in the mean time. The salve is called Prid, which is said to be a homeopathic remedy, but there are other brand names too. I credit the salve with ending the infection. On the 2nd day I added more salve around the swollen ankle under a large bandaid and that seemed to reduce the swelling there.

Moles, Blemishes, Growths
Drawing Salve also Good for Moles, Blemishes, Growths, Boils etc
- I never heard of drawing salve myself either, until last week. I don't find anything in a net search about Prid being used for lice. I only find it used for boils, splinters, inflammation etc. I found the following interesting info at
Black Salve / Drawing Salve
By Cathy Wong , Guide
Updated May 26, 2008
- Definition:
- Black salve, also known as drawing salve, is a corrosive herbal paste that's applied to the skin over tumors, skin tags, moles and infections. It has also been applied on the skin over internal tumor sites to "draw out" the cancer.
- Black salve was created by Native Americans to "draw out" infections from the body. The original black salve included the herb bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis) and crushed ash, however, there are now many variations on the original recipe. Other common ingredients include chaparral (Larrea tridentata), DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide), chickweed (Stellaria media), Indian tobacco (Lobelia inflata), comfrey (Symphytum officinale), myrrh (Commiphora myrrha), marshmallow (Althaea officinalis), mullein (Verbascum thapsus), zinc, and Sodom's apple (Solanum sodomaeum).
- Although black salves are widely available on the Internet, there is [SUPPOSEDLY] no scientific evidence showing that it's safe or effective. There is also no evidence that it can "draw out" cancer cells or infection. Possible side effects of using black salve include incomplete removal of the tumor, severe scarring, and the destruction of surrounding tissue.

- Bloodroot is the main ingredient. It and many other organic herbs etc are available at good prices from
- I didn't previously know that black salve was also called drawing salve. I've had good experiences with black salve since about Dec. 2002. I never used it for inflammation, but for a growth or tumor on my gum, and for moles and similar blemishes. It's hard to use inside the mouth and it tastes bad, but it did shrink the growth within a day or so until it was virtually unnoticeable. But after 2 or 3 months or so, the growth came back. I think I tried the salve 3 times from 2002 till 2006 or so and the growth would always return after a few months.
- It wasn't until I had been using MMS weekly or monthly for 6 to 8 months that the growth finally shrunk and disappeared completely. I didn't use the MMS to remove the growth; I got it to cure my tooth infections, which it did within a week's time. I continued to take MMS periodically when my gums became tender, to prevent infection from returning. It was a great and pleasant surprise to find after 6 months that the growth started to shrink.
- Although the black salve, which contained bloodroot, galangal [like ginger], red clover blossoms and sheep sorrel, didn't completely remove the growth, it did remove 3 or 4 moles on my face and several skin problems on my hand and my right leg.
- The blurb above is correct that the black salve can leave scars etc, if one doesn't follow directions properly. The salve is put under a bandaid and the bandaid is supposed to be left on for at least 2 weeks, until the infection is drawn out and the wound healed completely.

Kidney Pain
12 cut or ground watermelon seeds tea 1+x/da 3da/wk

Silica: Most Important Trace Mineral
In 1939, the Nobel Prize winner for chemistry, Professor Adolf Butenant, proved that life can not exist without Silica.
In the 2003 book "Water & Salt" Dr. Barbara Hendel states: "Silica is the most important trace mineral for human health!"
Silica helps the following:
BODY: Cancer; Premature Aging; Inflammation; Infection; Odor
HEAD: Alzheimers; Vertigo; Headache; Middle Ear Inflammation; Tinnitus (ringing ears); Insomnia
BLOOD: Circulation; Heart; Blood Vessels; High Blood Pressure; High Cholesterol; Diabetes; Energy; Lymphatic System; Immune System; Mastitis (especially for breast feeding mothers)
BONES: Joints; Rheumatism; Osteoporosis; Tuberculosis; Lower Back Pain; Teeth and Gums; Hair; Nails
LUNGS: Lung Pollution;
Upper Respiratory Tract
URINARY SYSTEM: Urinary Tract Infections; Kidney Stones; Flush Kidneys; Female Discharge; Abscesses and Ulcers in the Genital Area and Cervix; Menopause
GASTROINTESTINAL TRACT: Inflammation; Ulcers; Diarrhea and Constipation; Hemorrhoids
SKIN: Age Spots
Silica needs are 20-30 mg per day.
Diatomaceous Earth is 84% Silicon Dioxide (Silica)
Get it from health food store, or
Take 1 to 3 tablespoons of Diatomaceous Earth every day. Excess is not harmful.
Mix it with water, juice, applesauce, kefir, yogurt, or protein shake. Stir while drinking.
Do not take right before bedtime.


rookie - member
My name is Steffan, I'm soon 31 and has had vitiligo since I was 13-14 years .. It started small with an ID individual spots on the body, so they came around the corners of the mouth and eyes ..
but it has never been like to be put much attention to it so I ignored it and hoped that it would not be worse ..
But as years passed, it became progressively more wicked, and it culminated in the last 2 years where I have been hit hard .. especially in the face ..
large "blotches" on both cheeks, upper jaw, around the eyes and a big "smudge" in the middle of the forehead (damn months)
Now I began even to be plagued by it for the first time I experienced that people "looked" at my face.
so I began desperately to look after a cure or just something to hide my blemishes.
I sought advice from my doctor - unsuccessfully
dermatologist - dissuade me phototherapy, as it only helps in very limited extent and only in a few ...
she would give me some oil with stereoider .. but admitted flatly that only "maybe" be able to help and it was only in very limited extent. and further would be very toxic to me ..
I was devastated ..... could not imagine that I would live like a "freak" Resta of life (damn acidic)
everyone said "ah, only cosmetic"
but think all of us who suffer from it, it's bloody not "ONLY" cosmetic, it is a huge inconvenience that affects our everyday lives .. can not describe how acidic it is looking like a color leave!
Anyway I was surfing the web one day and read every page I could about the treatment of vitiligo .. and it so damn hard-out .. not really something that worked. and was read on lysbahandlinger # times weekly for several months?? (I have no damn time)
there was one who talked house transplant?? (Then you damn also on last option)
and many others
until I stumbled across this page
who was it helped OR THE pang back .... I thought it was just a fake page .. but when you are putting less pressure then you are ready for everything, so I ordered some oil home from ...
Mon lubricates itself before going to bed, first saw your face Mon scrubber with soap and then lubricates / Mon rub the oil well into the skin .. and when I say rub .. then rub Mon ..
and after 3 weeks I started getting color back ..
blotches on the cheeks are gone, the jaw is gone and may have only 20 procednt back in the pan .. but it is not hvist more but light colored ... so you put in more noticed my vitiligo ..
AND I'M HAPPY SÅÅ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IT'S SOMETHING NATURAL Hollo, Mon smells like a CURRY PAN (hehe My boyfriend LED)
17 February 2011 04:16 AM


rookie - member
Just wondering if anyone has had any luck with natural remedies controlling gerd.
As i have been suffering for years and have tried almost everything there is to try.
The last resort of coarse will be an operation,i am holding off as long as i can b/c of recent new procedures being developed that are less invasive and hopefully less problems afterwards.

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Mar 5 13 4:42 PM

[The best supplements are in food.]
By Walter Last
Eye, hair, nail, mouth and skin symptoms are among the early outward warning signs of vitamin and mineral deficiencies. The following compilations may help in diagnosing and treating these deficiencies. However, increased metabolic requirements for indicated deficiencies may persist for a long time after the outward symptoms have disappeared. Many listed symptoms may also be caused or aggravated by allergies and problems with the blood sugar and fat metabolism.
The right-hand column gives the primary deficiencies first, additional treatment or cause is given in parentheses. For each condition only the more prominent nutrients are mentioned. However, better diet, pure water, midday sunshine and fresh air are needed in the treatment of all conditions. Better diet includes only 20% carbohydrates, no unfermented wheat products, little or no sugar or fructose, no GMOs, at least one third raw food, 50% natural fats, 30% protein, little or no factory-processed or fried food.

Eye-deficiency Symptoms
Symptom -- Deficiency / treatment / cause
_Bitot's spots - foamy patches on conjunctiva -- vitamin A
_Bloodshot eyes -- boric acid for fungus infection, blue light
_Blurred vision -- vitamins B2, B6, pantothenic acid
_Bulging eyes -- vitamin E, nicotinamide, iodine
_Cataracts (lens becomes opaque) -- vitamins B2, C, E, antioxidants (avoid lactose)
_Color-blindness -- vitamin A
_Conjunctivitis -- vitamins A, B2, C (B6, zinc)
_Cross-eyes -- vitamins E, C, B1, (allergy testing)
_Dark spots in front of the eyes -- vitamins B6, C, zinc (liver problems)
_Dim vision (amblyopia) -- vitamins B1, B2, C, B12 (allergy testing)
_Dry, hard eyeballs (xerophthalmia) -- vitamin A
_Farsightedness (hyperopia)  -- magnesium, potassium, MSM
_Glaucoma -- magnesium, vitamin C (B2, B1,salt)
_Hemorrhaging in the back of the eye (retinitis) -- vitamin B6, zinc, bioflavonoids (also magnesium, vitamins C, B2, B12, E, pantothenate)
_Infected, ulcerating eyes (keratomalacia) -- vitamin A (vitamins C, B2, B6, zinc, blue light, boric acid)
_Itching, burning, watery, sandy eyes -- vitamin B2
_Macular degeneration -- vitamins A, B2, B6, magnesium, zinc, antioxidants, bioflavonoids, esp. lutein & zeaxanthin, ginkgo biloba, bilberry, eyebright, MSM, EFA
_Near-sightedness (myopia) -- chromium, vitamins C, E, D, calcium (proteins, avoid sugars)
_Night blindness (nyctalopia) -- vitamins A, (B2, B6, zinc)
_Red blood vessels in the sclera -- vitamin B2
_Retinal detachment -- zinc, vitamins B6, B2, C, E, A
_Sensitive eyes, fear of strong light (photophobia) -- vitamins B2, A
_Tics of eyelids -- magnesium, vitamins B2, B6, zinc

Skin-deficiency Symptoms
Symptom -- Deficiency / Treatment / Cause
_Acne -- vitamins A, E, B2, B6, C, niacin, biotin, zinc, EFA*, lecithin, MSM, retinoic acid topically (minimize sweet food & fats)
_Addison's disease - adrenal exhaustion: increased tanning, especially on skin-folds, scars, elbows, knees; black freckles -- all B vitamins, especially pantothenic acid; vitamin C; all minerals, digestive enzymes, allergy testing, avoid sweet food
_Arterial spiders (fine branching arteries on face, neck, chest) -- antioxidants, bioflavonoids, glucosamine, cartilage, calcium
_Bedsores -- vitamins C, E
_Blisters -- vitamin E
_Brown discoloration around small joints -- vitamin B12
_Brown skin spots -- antioxidants (weak liver)
_Dry skin -- vitamins A, C, EFA
_Eczema, skin ulcers -- vitamin C, B2, B6, zinc, magnesium, EFA, allergy test, cleanse
_Eczema, infantile -- EPA, zinc, vitamin B6
_Edema -- vitamin B6, zinc (also vitamin C, magnesium, avoid salt)
_Fingers white, numb, stiff, swellings (Raynaud's disease) -- vitamins B6, B1, antioxidants, niacin, magnesium/calcium, EFA
_Fungus infections (e.g. athlete's foot, ringworm) -- B vitamins, (external tea tree oil, intestinal sanitation)
_Gangrene -- vitamins C, E, B1 , magnesium chloride, (urine packs)
_Greasy dermatitis around eyes, nose -- vitamin B6, zinc
_Greasy skin eruptions (seborrhea) -- vitamin B2
_Horny red skin on pressure areas (e.g. knees, elbows) -- zinc (vitamin B6)
_Hot flushes -- vitamin E, boron, magnesium, calcium (Wild Yam cream)
_Ichthyosis (fish-like scales) -- vitamin A, retinoic acid topically, MSM
_Infant dermatitis with inflamed pustules around body openings -- vitamin B6, zinc
_Infections of the skin (boils, cold sores, impetigo, and so on) -- vitamins C, A, B6, zinc, magnesium chloride (hot Epsom-salt packs, tea tree oil or propolis rubs)
_Itching -- vitamins B, C, EFA, alkalizer, bicarbonate rubs, (allergy tests)
_Jaundice -- vitamins C, E, A, B12, B6, lecithin, magnesium, zinc (blue light therapy, treat gall bladder & liver)
_Keratosis, horny, goose-pimple-like skin -- vitamin A internally & externally
_Lemon-yellow skin -- vitamin B12
_Oily skin, white-heads -- vitamin B2
_Over-sensitivity to sunlight -- vitamin B6, zinc, PABA, beta-carotene, antioxidants, bioflavonoids, alkalizers
_Pale skin -- biotin, folic acid, vitamin B6, , iron (anemia)
_Prickly-heat rash -- vitamin C
_Psoriasis -- as for acne; blue light, sunlight; avoid gluten
_Purplish or blue-black skin areas -- vitamin C, B2, bioflavonoids
_Rash -- allergy test, alkalizers, vitamin C, calcium
_Red-brown, often symmetrical discoloration of skin exposed to the sun, later ulceration -- niacin or nicotinamide (folic acid)
_Red-brown or dark-red spots  -- manganese
_Rosacea (redness of part of face) -- vitamin B2
_Scaly dermatitis  -- biotin
_Scaly eczema around nose, ears, scrotum, vulva  -- vitamin B2
_Scar tissue  -- vitamin E, MSM externally & internally, camphorated oil rub
_Scleroderma (hardening and swelling of skin)  -- vitamin E, C, A, PABA, MSM, magnesium chloride (zapper, pulser and parasite therapy, tea tree oil packs)
_Sensitivity to insect bites  -- vitamin C, B1, calcium, alkalizers, bicarbonate rub/bath
_Shingles -- vitamins B12, C, A, B, E, zinc, lysine, zinc oxide lotion, zapper
_Skin cancer -- vitamins A, B6, PABA, antioxidants, bioflavonoids, carotenes, chlorophyll, propolis, zinc (blue light, escharotics)
_Skin-folds red, infected -- niacin
_Stretch-marks -- vitamins E, B6, zinc
_Subcutaneous bleeding (red or purplish spots under the skin, bruises easily) -- vitamin C, bioflavonoids and rutin, grape seed extract, glucosamine, alkalizer
_Swellings (for example, face)  -- zinc, magnesium, vitamins B6, B12
_Vaginal itching -- vitamins B2, E, C (avoid synthetic underwear, treat Candida)
_Warts, moles -- vitamins C, A, E
_Weals on the skin (urticaria) -- vitamin B6, zinc, vitamin C, (alkalizer, allergy test)
_White skin patches (vitiligo)  -- PABA, pantothenic acid, vitamin B6, zinc
_Wrinkles or aging skin -- vitamins C, E, A, EFA, bioflavonoids (too much sun)
* Most skin conditions benefit from external as well as internal application of the indicated nutrients. Retinioc acid is the acid form of vitamin A. EFA means essential fatty acids, mainly linoleic and linolenic acid; recommended are ground-linseed, linseed oil, fish oils and Evening-primrose oil.

Hair and Nail Deficiency Symptoms
Symptom -- Deficiency treatment cause
_Coarse, brittle hair -- zinc
_Dandruff -- vitamins B2, B6, zinc, magnesium, biotin
_Dry hair -- vitamin A, zinc
_Graying hair -- folic acid, pantothenic acid, PABA, biotin, minerals (weak adrenals, avoid sweet food)
_Hangnails -- vitamin C, folic acid, proteins
_Hair loss -- copper/lead contamination: use zinc, vitamin B6, sulfur (MSM), selenium, biotin
_Nails opaque, white spots/bands -- zinc, vitamin B6
_Oily hair -- vitamin B2
_Peeling nails -- vitamins A, C, calcium
_Ridges on nails, longitudinal -- vitamin A, protein, calcium (anemia, poor circulation, thyroid/parathyroid glands)
_Ridges on nails, transverse  -- fever, infection, inflammation, menstrual problems, period of protein deficiency
_Scaling of cuticle or lips -- biotin
With graying hair or hair loss improve the circulation to the scalp, e.g. daily inversion such as headstand, shoulder-stand, hanging upside down or using a slant-board. Also vigorously rubbing nourishing or slightly irritating solutions into the scalp, e.g. fresh grass or vegetable juice, MSM with copper salicylate, ginger juice.

Tongue and Mouth Deficiency Symptoms
Mouth problems are often due to amalgam fillings, allergies or Candida infestation (thrush).
Symptom -- Deficiency treatment cause
_Beefy, enlarged tongue -- pantothenic acid
_Burning, sore tongue -- vitamins B2, B6, B12, niacin
_Cracked lips & corners of the mouth (cheilosis) -- vitamins B2, B6, folic acid
_Distended, purplish-blue veins under the tongue -- vitamin B2 (circulation poor, congested)
_Edema or tooth-marks on tongue -- niacin/nicotinamide
_Furrowed tongue  -- vitamin B1, pantothenic acid
_Gums receding, bleeding (gingivitis) -- vitamin C, bioflavonoids, calcium, alkalizers
_Halitosis (bad breath) -- vitamin B6, zinc, magnesium, propolis, chlorophyll (cleansing, intestinal sanitation)
_Mouth ulcers, canker -- folic acid, vitamin B6, zinc (alkalize, allergy test)
_Papillae prominent or erased -- niacin/nicotinamide
_Purplish or magenta tongue or lips, also veins under the tongue -- vitamin B2
_Tongue red at tip or edges; severe deficiency: whole tongue scarlet red, sore  -- niacin (vitamin B6)
_Tongue shiny, smooth, beefy; early sign: strawberry-red tip/sides -- vitamin B12, folic acid
_Tongue too small or too large -- niacin, pantothenic acid
_White-coated tongue -- intestinal putrefaction, cleansing
_White patches on tongue -- vitamin B2 and other B vitamins (allergy)
_Yellowish-brown-coated tongue -- liver or gall bladder problems

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