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Mar 23 10 8:34 AM

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* The following explanation of how antibiotics cause yeast infections, which in turn poke holes in the intestines, producing Leaky Gut and food allergies, seems very plausible; however, Mary Enig et al have said that Leaky Gut is caused by lack of natural fats and cholesterol in the diet, so perhaps both contribute to the problem and addressing both causes can improve treatment.
* The cause in most cases is yeast and unfriendly bacterial infections.
- A study at the University of Colorado found that 70% of people have yeast overgrowth. This is mainly why there has been an explosion in obesity in the US. If you have too much yeast, any diet plan is doomed to fail, or your brain will fail if you succeed.
- Another study found that obese humans and mice had a lower percentage of Bacteroidetes bacteria and more Firmicutes bacteria
- Here's a simple spit test for yeast infection:
(Some say the test is not accurate.)
- The Kelley Eidem protocol costs less than $100 the first month, about $50 to 60 the second month, and only $20 a month by the third month. You may go along for a while and wonder if this program is going to work. Then one day, your cravings completely vanish into thin air.
* Cause
1. Most people get started on antibiotics and other drugs for various health problems at an early age. These drugs kill friendly bacteria in the gut, but they don't kill yeast. So the yeast soon occupies the entire gut lining. Friendly bacteria can't get re-established, no matter how much yogurt [or kefir?] you consume.
2. Yeast swells, so the stomach swells.
3. Without competition from friendly bacteria, the yeast changes from a bud to a rod shape and pokes holes in the gut lining.
4. Partially undigested food particles pass through the holes ino your bloodstream, promoting allergies to the foods you eat.
5. Yeast also slips into the bloodstream and takes up residence in your sinuses, toe nails, and organs, promoting cancer and even Alzheimers. Once you get too much yeast it will not leave on its own, not in a year, not in ten years, not in your lifetime.
6. The yeast lives on sugar and robs the brain of the glucose it needs. So the brain develops cravings for sweets, but the yeast keeps taking most of it. Not enough carbs [or natural fats] leads to feeling depressed, because the brain is starving.
* Cure
To solve the problems, you need to kill the yeast, restore friendly bacteria and patch up the holes in the intestines. Start to take all of the following products right away. They work better when taken together.
1. To kill the yeast, take olive leaf extract and caprylic acid for about two months. For the first 2 weeks take one teaspoon of each per day. After 2 weeks increase to 2 teaspoons of each per day.
2. To restore the friendly bacteria, take a good multi-strain probiotic for the rest of your life, or also eat fermented foods.
3. To patch the holes in the gut made by the yeast, take glutamine powder, a teaspoon in water twice a day, or take IntestiNew [or perhaps slippery elm bark, Aloe vera gel, marshmallow root, or DGL licorice, or one teaspoon of Cayenne or Curry daily - glutamine is not an excitotoxin like glutamic acid]. Threelac works too, although it is expensive; it's designed to speedily repair the intestinal lining.
4. To help digestion and prevent bloating and discomfort, take a good multi-enzyme with meals.
5. To minimize detox symptoms from yeast die-off etc, drink lots of pure water. If that doesn't help enough, cut back on the olive leaf until the symptoms pass.
[6. To help fix Leaky Gut, get enough natural fats and cholesterol in the diet.]
Kelley Eidem et al -

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