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.2/17) EMF http://emf.mercola.com/sites/emf/archive/2010/02/16/how-the-media-lies-to-you-about-cell-phones.aspx
- Patients with Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS) may develop it through exposure to electromagnetic fields applied to or induced in the body, such as from conventional medical electromagnetic stimulation, used by many athletes.
- Herpes Simplex Type I / HSV1 (oral herpes) infects the brain and is the cause of Alzheimer's. Furthermore, this same virus appears to be the leading cause of Type II Diabetes.
- It is extremely likely that EMF's contribute significantly to Alzheimer's. Aluminum, mercury and fluoride contamination also do. In addition to that, according to some very interesting research by the Scotts, in Sudbury, Canada, amyloid plaque is caused by the build-up of discarded cellular walls that collect and cling together, forming an impervious barrier to the transmission of nerve impulses in the brain. Mycoplasma is a microscopic parasitic microorganism that can enter the brain, and because it lacks sterols in its DNA, it has to recruit cholesterol from the host cells. When enough cholesterol is removed, cell walls collapse, the cellular juices spill out, but the walls are left. If enough of the discarded cell wall structures cling together, they can dehydrate and solidify, forming Amyloid Plaque. As the plaque collects and hardens, the acetylcholine and other transmitters become less and less able to reach their receptor sites, and gradually the brain loses cognitive clarity. At our healing center we have found that additional zinc will minimize that build up, even when there is a mycoplasma that is depleting the cells. But, for those who are low on zinc, once it is formed, we suggest an Amazon Rainforest remedy called Paico. This breaks up the plaque, and allows the blood to carry away the material, and very likely facilitate more normal neurotransmission. Obviously it would be essential to eliminate the mycoplasmic infection with either mushroom remedies or Nopal Cactus, and detoxify the other toxic exposures that are also contributing.