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* Gregory recently had a suggestion that people focus on preparedness for hard times. Forming "churches" is probably the most important way to prepare, but I also recommend preparing for self-help healthcare. I've studied nutrition, anatomy and physiology since 1977 and I learned the most since 1996, when my health declined after 20 years on vegan diet and I got my amalgam fillings removed in proper order by a biological dentist [other dentists use wrong protocol and do more harm than good to health]. The internet has also made a lot more good info available.
* Here's where I now keep most of my best health info about diet: http://nhc.lefora.com/2009/04/08/ideal-diet-2. It always needs updating, but it's pretty up-to-date.
* The best diet includes mostly raw foods: vegs, fruits, nuts, seeds, eggs etc
& unprocessed fermented foods: yogurt, kefir, kraut, pickles, relish, kefir krauts, sour milk, sour cream, miso etc
& protein: shrimp, crab, Arctic salmon, sardines, grass-fed poultry etc
& fat: flax oil, coconut oil, olive oil, butter, cream, whey, cheese, lard etc
& sprouts: brocolli, clover, radish, alfalfa, chinese cabbage etc [not soybean]
* Most store-bought processed foods contain toxins:
- like MSG and similar excitotoxins that cause nerve and brain damage, leading to senility;
- like aspartame and similar artificial sweeteners that cause nerve and other damage;
- like chlorinated and fluoridated water, which harms the thyroid gland, causing poor metabolism and obesity, and also harms the brain, probably causing Alzheimer's etc;
- like sugar and corn syrup, which contain high amounts of fructose, which converts largely to fat and uric acid etc, leading to obesity, arthritis, liver damage etc;
- like refined carbs, including white flour, white sugar etc, which raise blood sugar, insulin and leptin levels, leading to hypoglycemia, diabetes and rapid aging;
- like antibiotics, arsenic, pesticides, growth hormones etc, in meats, fruits, vegs etc, which cause immune system problems, liver and kidney damage etc.
- like GMO, genetically modified organisms: soybeans, BT corn, wheat etc, which seem to cause Morgellon's Disease, a weird disease involving growth of strange fibers from the skin, but probably cause other health problems too, because of the contaminants that become part of the food.
- Other health dangers include cell phones, cell phone towers & radio station towers etc. Cell phone microwaves can be shielded from with aluminum screen and other metal. You can put aluminum foil on your cell phone earpiece to protect from brain cancer. You can buy cell phone headsets from mercola.com.
* Here are some suggestions on what people should stock up on etc:
- M.M.S. to cure many or most infections, including malaria, AIDS, tooth infections etc, & to kill pathogens in water, from sc2p.webs.com;
- chlorella & many good herbs are pretty cheap at www.pacificbotanicals.com;
- sprouting seeds: Brocolli, chinese cabbage, clover, black Spanish radish, rye etc e.g. from RHShumway.com;
- 25 or 50# bags of rye are still reasonably cheap; I get it from a local health food store; also plant it in the fall;
- garden seeds & plants from RHShumway.com or stokeseeds.com etc;
- herb seeds & plants from richters.com;
- seed potatoes to plant in mid-March or up to early June from local store;
- chickens & dairy goats: see localharvest.org or schlechthatchery.com or randallburkey.com or mcmurrayhatchery.com or mypetchicken.com;
- tilapia home fish growing system: jaggartech.com/snsaqua;
- garden tools & sheds; comfrey plants & manure for compost; straw for mulch; rainwater collection system;
- wide-mouth glass jars for making krauts, kefir etc & preferably plastic lids;
- vinegar is easy to make from most fruits & fruit scraps & is very nutritious: see nhc.lefora.com [I'll try to post it soon.].
* If anyone can think of important additions, feel free to mention it. I'll try to improve the list periodically.