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ACV for Chronic Fatigue

* On Mar 13, 2009 someone had said, "I believe grains are Ok, if they are not processed. Back in the day ... hundreds if not thousands of years ago, grains were hand grinded, and soaked. Flours were raised in the sun. It took 3 days to make a loaf  of bread." And I replied as follows.

* Grains do seem to be okay if they're soaked for a time, or especially sprouted, before eating, but, even then it seems that they may contain toxic molds and the like. I hadn't had grains to speak of for about 30 years, until over a year ago I started using wheat and rye sprouts. I was losing too much weight and getting chronic fatigue early last summer. I then read on curezone.org about apple cider vinegar curing chronic fatigue. So I tried it and in 2 hours the fatigue was gone. It came back for one day a few days later, but, since then, has not returned.
* Grain dealers now have equipment etc that can prevent grain getting so moldy, but I don't know how widely it's used. You should definitely avoid grains that are not organic, at least regarding wheat and corn [and soybeans], because they're mostly GMOs, which apparently cause Morgellon's disease and who knows what else.

Mercury Fillings
Mar 8, 2009

* I'm poor too and I've found that it doesn't cost much to get or stay healthy. Good diet, herbs, MMS etc are cheap enough for anyone. The internet is a boon for the poor. Curezone.org is good, with lots of innovative and effective treatments, but there's also some bad info there as well.
* Dr. Mercola seems to say that chlorella is the best thing to remove mercury from our bodies. Here's the cheapest source of good chlorella I know of:
http://www.pacificbotanicals.com/store/home.php. Click on Super Food Powders in the left margin. A whole pound is $22. At health food stores a few ounces costs more than that.
* Don't go to a regular dentist to get amalgam fillings removed. Go to a biological dentist. If you don't have symptoms of mercury poisoning, you may be better off not getting your amalgam fillings removed. My brother got his removed and replaced over a year ago and about a week or two later he suffered kidney failure, which I later read can be caused by mercury. The problem is that he went to a regular dentist to get the fillings replaced and most dentists are too stupid to use safety measures to prevent mercury particles from entering the throat or mercury vapor from entering the nose during the treatment. They also don't test the new filling material to see if the patient's body is allergic to it. So his filling replacement treatment probably resulted in greater ingestion of mercury, which finished off his kidneys. Curezone.org does say though that kidney failure is curable. Someone there said Dr. Richard Schulze prescribes herbs for curing kidney failure. I think he recommends herbs for colon, kidney and liver cleansing to help heal the kidneys. My brother's kidneys were already functioning poorly 2 years before his kidney failure.
* For your fillings, the best thing to do is probably to read Dr. Huggins' book, called "It's All in Your Head". You can probably get it from interlibrary loan, if you don't want to buy it from a book store.
* My health was deteriorating in 1996 after being mostly raw food vegan for 20 years. In a natural hygiene health newsletter at that time I read about Dr. Huggins' book. It said fatigue was one of the symptoms, which is one I had then, so, since I had 6 amalgam fillings, I bought the book. I found that a number of the other symptoms mentioned in the book also applied to me, so I decided to order his booklet that explained the proper procedure for getting fillings replaced.
* The booklet said the first thing to do is to send a blood sample to Dr. Huggins' lab to see what materials you're allergic and not allergic to, so you can have your dentist order one of those for new fillings. I think the blood sample also will show how much mercury there is in the blood. Next, is to make an appointment with a "biological dentist" who knows the proper ways to remove amalgam fillings etc. Dr. Huggins had a list of such dentists and I was lucky there was one in St. Louis, not far from me. The first appointment is to get x-rays taken. These are safe x-rays, because they're much shorter duration than conventional x-rays. This may also be when the fillings are checked to see how much electric current is going through each filling and to see whether the current is positive or negative. The fillings have to be removed in the order of strongest positive to strongest negative current, if I remember right. Actually, it goes according to which quadrant of the mouth has the current level, rather than the individual fillings. I think the order of removal of my fillings was from upper right to upper left to lower left to lower right.
* Normally, for so many fillings, patients will schedule 2 or 3 appointments. When doing so, you have to avoid having later appointments on the same weekday as a previous filling removal appointment, because of some weird lunar effect or something. In my case, I decided to try to get all of my fillings removed and replaced on the same day so I'd get the discomfort over with quickly. I guess it took a couple of hours to remove my six fillings and replace five of them. The dentist used a rubber dam in my mouth to prevent mercury fillings from entering my throat. A couple of times I felt like I couldn't breathe and it was hard to signal him that I needed a breather. He should have had a way for me to signal him more easily. It was hard to speak and, since he was focused in my mouth, he couldn't see my hands. The last cavity would have needed a root canal, which are not good to get, because they become infected and lead to infection of the whole body. However, MMS might well cure such infections, since it has cured my other tooth infections. So root canals supplemented with MMS treatments might work out fine.
* The total cost of my tests and filling replacements etc was $1100 or more. I also bought some supplements from Dr. Huggins' company for a couple of years after that. To get the same thing done today would probably cost at least twice as much. If you can't afford a big bill all at once, you might be able to just get the worst fillings replaced first, i.e. the quadrant with the highest positive [or is it negative?] current. I believe the electrical current that runs through fillings is what causes the mercury to slowly move into the blood stream via the capillaries in the gums. So the strongest currents are where the most mercury would be transferred.