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* This info comes from http://mms-articles.com/stopcoughing.htm
- With MMS in the refrigerator, you are not a helpless victim confronted by armies of invisible viral enemies. We get clear signals - sore throats and runny noses. We know what is about to happen. So take action. Gargle with MMS, or breathe the ClO2 gas produced by MMS, and resume taking a 4 drop MMS mix every 1.5 hours. You can review the 20 methods of using MMS at Jim Humble's web site at  http://JimHumble.biz. Learn how to use MMS, because it is effective in killing viruses before you become their sorry host. Even desparate people with Staph-MRSA, are reporting complete recovery using MMS.
- If you have developed lung congestion, fever, chills, wheezing, and coughing, then visualize how viral germs thrive and reproduce comfortably in the phlegm your body produces in lungs and sinuses. Coughing almost always follows. If sticky phlegm in the sinuses and lungs could be made watery, it will be wafted upward in a natural way, and soon expelled with much less coughing.
- How can you cause mucus to flow upward and out of your lungs? It needs to be made watery. Common medicines with antihistamine drugs tend to dry the lungs and turn mucus into rubbery raisins and plugs in the lungs. The immune system forces you to COUGH to push molasses-like & raisin-like mucus up and out of the lungs.
- Doctors in the 1900's told people to take magnesium along with a drop or two of hydrochloric acid because that immediately shifts mucus and phlegm to a watery state. This action still works effectively. If coughing persists, you can take magnesium pills along with extra water and one Sudafed tablet or other source of hydrochloric acid every four hours. These small Sudafed tablets contain one drop of hydrochloric acid and they last about four hours. Only the four-hour Sudafed for cough and cold is recommended, because it has no antihistamine chemicals.
- Another way to thin sticky phlegm is to add to hot soup as much cayenne, or red pepper, or other hot peppers, as you can tolerate. While you're likely to get a runny nose, the phlegm in your lungs and bronchioles is also temporarily made watery and then is much more easily expelled. Consider preparing also a gargling mix with two drops Cayenne and 1/4 cup of water (or more if needed). Gargle with the Cayenne spice-heat at the maximum you can stand. It causes blood vessels to expand. Blood flows faster and freely to the areas needed. Your face will turn red and your nose will run, but it is effective.
- You can also use an ultrasonic humidifier to produce truly atomized fog. Sleep with the fog hovering above your head. Humid moist air prevents the drying of mucus and it further assists the expectorant process. You can prepare a 6 to 8 drop MMS mix, wait three minutes, then add it to the humidifier tank so that a small amount of ClO2 gas is emitted with the fog throughout the night (or day). Do not add more than that, so as not to overdose, and wait at least 12 hours before adding more to the humidifier, if needed. The MMS will also kill molds and odors in the house.