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Safe Root Canal Procedure
- Proper diet and MMS can prevent tooth decay, but for teeth that are already decayed very far, there does seem to be a safe way to get a root canal. At this webpage, curezone.com/forums/fm.asp?i=861001#i, a woman tells her story, which I condensed and paraphrase below.
- I have studied alternative medicine intensively for over 12 years, researching naturopathy, herbalism etc and taken a great interest in the supposed "incurables" that the medical profession would lead us to believe cannot be treated. I had a filling that was so deep that it traumatized the nerve. As a result the nerve died, which resulted in a huge absess. My Dentist suggested a root canal as the only course of action that could save the tooth.
- I found that a Dentist, Dr Goldman, wrote two brilliant and balanced articles on root canal treatment, linked here: http://www.mgoldmandds.com/rct.htm and http://www.mgoldmandds.com/rctchoices.htm
- The conventional way of doing root canals is extremely dangerous to a person's health, but what I realiszed through my research was that there was more than one way of doing a root canal. One problem with conventional root canal treatment is that the dentist simply cleans out the root and fills it with a gutta percha filling, which is usually contaminated with barium and often a whole host of toxic pollutants. Another problem is that dead nerves still linger in the tiny tubal canals of the teeth, which are out of reach of the dentist's tools, which create a feeding ground for lethal bacteria, that can compromise health.
- Dr Goldman's view is that you need to fill the tooth for a long enough time with a substance that will sterilize it and dissolve any remaining nerve tissue in the tubal canals before the final root filling is put in place. The favorite for doing this used to be Biocalex, but this was proven to cause breakage of teeth. The only substitute that has shown to be effective in killing all bacteria in the tooth and dissolving the leftover nerve tissue is calcium hydroxide. Calcium hydroxide in low doses is not considered toxic, and the amount you would ingest into the body from a root treatment would be miniscule.
- I still was not convinced of the safety of root canals, so I booked a telephone consultation with one of the finest healers alive, Dr Brian Clement, Director of the Hippocrates Institute in Florida - See hippocratesinst.org . Brian had just completed 2 years of extensive research on Dentistry and he told me that the approach Dr Goldman suggested was absolutely fine. He also said the calcium hydroxide must be left in for at least a month, so I went ahead and had the root canal done.
- So now we move onto the question of the filling. I have seen it argued that all Gutta Percha fillings have Barium in them, but that is not true. There are holistic Gutta Percha fillings available that contain no contaminants. In fact you can get Gutta Percha fillings that contain a small amount of calcium hydroxide, that will help keep the tooth sterile.
- The absess in my tooth had eaten away a large chunk of the bone tissue, but I remembered Dr Goldman saying that Calcium Hydroxide stimulates bone repair. Because of the condition of the infected area, I asked my Dentist if the calcium hydroxide could be left in for 2 months, which he said was fine.
- When the root canal was completed, my Dentist told me that it seemed to go well, so it was now a case of waiting 2 months for the calcium hydroxide to do its work. 2 months later, I returned to the Dentist and had the tooth xrayed, and the bone had healed considerably. He said he had never seen such rapid bone regeneration, especially considering the state it was in before. I returned to the Dentist a year later for another x-ray and this confirmed that the bone had entirely healed.