Jun 16 14 1:23 AM

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A question that often confuses most medical practitioners is - How to cure Psoriasis? It is by itself a recurring disease that often returns when susceptible conditions prevail rendering the patient complete discomfort. This disease manifests in some as raised reddish patches of skin with loose silvery scales and in others as thick red patches appearing on various parts of the body like the knees, elbow, palm, or even on the soles of the feet. This dry cracked skin may sometimes bleed when it is excessively dried hence it must be kept from losing its moisture content. This disease is commonly found in patients between the age group 15-45. Modern medicine may be able to suppress the symptoms but 100% percent guaranteed elimination of the disease is still beyond the scope. However, natural remedies and ayurvedic medicine offers better hope. The accumulated waste and blood impurities accompanied with emotional factors all contribute to this disease and according to Ayurveda psoriasis is a vitiation of accumulated ‘vata’ and ‘kapha’ and as a prelude to all secondary treatment ‘panchakarma’ is done to eliminate the body of all the impurities. ‘Panchakarma’ is a detoxification process wherein the body goes through a series of purification process making it ready for the next set of treatment protocols and making it ready to absorb the maximum potency of all the medications used during the treatment process. This ensures faster healing and it is essential that strict dietary rules and lifestyle changes have to be made during treatment cycle.