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Jun 10 08 8:08 AM

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- This may be a great way to interest local people in alternative health and healthfoods.
- Invite friends, neighbors, or relatives to a potluck and ask them to bring a natural food dish, either home-made or store-bought.
- Suggest that the dish not include white flour, sugar, corn syrup, soy, or unnatural additives, unless that's too inconvenient, in which case bring something that's somewhat natural, but convenient. Ask that a list of ingredients in large type be displayed with the dish.
- At the potluck encourage sharing of health info and recipes. After the meal, have everyone honestly rate each dish on the basis of tastiness. And ask for ideas on how to improve the taste naturally.
- Non-medical health experts could be invited to give a short speech and to answer questions.
- Wouldn't this be a good way to interest lots of people in better health?

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