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April 1, 2013 - Issue 2417
Worst Breakfast Mistake Is Eating Breakfast
    Some of the media and health “experts” claim that the most common breakfast mistakes include eating too little protein, fiber and fat; not eating enough food; and eating too late in the morning
    However, compelling emerging research suggests skipping breakfast altogether may be more beneficial for you, and may help reduce your hunger
    Conventional breakfast foods like waffles, cereal, toast, muffins, bagels and other breakfast sandwiches are among the absolute worst foods you can eat. They make you hungry soon after eating, and fuel excess body fat and obesity-related diseases
    Fat is far more satiating than carbs, so if you have cut down on sugar yet still feel ravenous, this is a sign that you haven't replaced the carbs with sufficient amounts of high quality fats
    Eating first thing in the morning interferes with your circadian cortisol peak, which leads to a rapid and large insulin release and a corresponding rapid drop in your blood sugar levels. Omitting breakfast could make it easier for you to control food cravings and hunger throughout the day
Sleep Study Provides Clues to Happiness
    A new study revealed levels of the neurotransmitter hypocretin, which helps keep you awake, soared during positive emotions, anger, social interactions and upon awakening.
    Hypocretin has been previously associated with reward-seeking behaviors, and the new research suggests it may have a very specific role in human arousal and regulating happiness as well.
    This may explain why people with narcolepsy, who are lacking hypocretin, also commonly suffer from depression.
    Warning, sleeping pills that block hypocretin may soon be coming to the market, which are likely to increase depression
April 2, 2013 - Issue 2418
Immorality of Testing Anthrax Vaccine on Children
    The US government has proposed the need for a trial in children of anthrax vaccine, framing it as a necessary step in protecting them from the effects of a potential future bioterrorism attack using weaponized anthrax
    The Alliance for Human Research Protection (AHRP) is in strong opposition to the trial and has submitted an exposé to Amy Gutman, PhD, Chair of the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues
    Experimenting on the most vulnerable members of our society with a dangerous vaccine without the promise of any benefit to them is heartless, unethical and unnecessary, not to mention violates a number of federal regulations protecting children
    The entire premise that we are at high risk for a bioterrorist attack is erroneous, and the idea that a vaccine is needed is ludicrous when antibiotics have proven 100 percent effective for anthrax exposure, and the only anthrax sources are a few governments, like the U.S. government
    The AHRP suggests the government’s motivation for this vaccine trial may be a backdoor effort to capitalize on the public’s post-9/11 fear with the goal of expanding civilian vaccinations and increasing vaccine profits by any means possible, while turning a blind eye to the well-known risks
CDC Says 1 in 50 Children Now Have Autism
    It’s official. Even the conservative CDC states the latest stats show one in 50 US kids now has autism,
    Boys are also four times as likely to be diagnosed with autism as girls, according to the new data
    The majority of autism cases appear to result from environmental factors, including vaccines and toxic junk food, that activate the expression of a number of different genes, along with multiple epigenetic factors that produce the traits of autism
April 3, 2013 - Issue 2419
Sugary Drinks Linked to Over 180,000 Deaths Worldwide
    Preliminary research suggests sugary beverages are to blame for about 183,000 deaths worldwide each year, including 133,000 diabetes deaths, 44,000 heart disease deaths and 6,000 cancer deaths
    Among the 35 largest countries in the world, Mexico had the highest death rates associated with sugary beverage consumption. The US ranked third, with an estimated 25,000 annual deaths from sweetened drinks
    Fructose has been identified as one of the primary culprits in the rise of obesity and related health problems, and the majority of the problem is caused by the large quantities of high fructose corn syrup added to so many processed foods and sweetened beverages
    Coca-Cola recently released its latest enhanced water product called “Fruitwater.” Despite its name, the product does NOT contain any juice. Rather it’s sweetened with the artificial sweetener sucralose and synthetic chemical with the fake name “natural fruit flavors”
    Your most cost effective ideal beverage is plain filtered tap water. If you want a carbonated beverage, try sparkling mineral water with a squirt of lime or lemon juice
Dangers of Shaving your Pubic Hair?
    New research suggests shaving your pubic hair may increase your risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease (STD) known as molluscum contagiosum
    Shaving or waxing can cause irritation and micro-trauma to your skin that increases your risk of contracting a viral infection
    The virus may also spread through self-infection caused by scratching skin irritated by shaving
April 4, 2013 - Issue 2420
Salt Consumption Does Not Increase Your Heart Disease Risk
    Previous research has NOT found strong evidence that cutting salt intake reduces the risk for heart attacks, strokes or death. In fact, salt restriction increased the risk of death in those with heart failure
    Salt is an essential nutrient required for blood pressure regulation, transportation of nutrients into and out of your cells, ion exchange, and brain-muscle communication. But all salts are not equal, in terms of their impact on your health. Processed (table) salt is health harming, while natural unprocessed salt is not only healing, but in fact essential for many biological functions
    Potassium deficiency may be more responsible for hypertension than excess sodium
    Our ancient ancestors consumed 16 times more potassium than sodium. Many “experts” believe that a “normal” ratio today is four times as much potassium than sodium. It is helpful to strive for at least as much potassium from your diet as sodium
    The best way to ensure you’re getting enough potassium is food and not to rely on the use of a supplement, but to avoid processed foods, and dramatically increase your vegetable intake. Juicing vegs is a great way to get more vegetables into your diet
Energy Psychology Tool Cuts Tension Headache Frequency and Intensity by More Than Half
    After eight weeks, people suffering from tension headaches who had been taught how to do EFT on their own and tapped twice a day reduced the frequency of their headaches by 62 percent and the intensity of the headaches by 60 percent
    EFT is basically a form of psychological acupressure, based on the same energy meridians used in traditional acupuncture but without the invasiveness of needles
    Using EFT can help free you of the need to use toxic prescription and over-the-counter painkillers for headache pain
    Many studies now support EFT to benefit not only physical pain but also anxiety, phobias, food cravings, depression and more
April 5, 2013 - Issue 2421
Physical Therapy as Good as Surgery for Osteoarthritic Knees and Torn Meniscus
    Arthroscopic knee surgery for osteoarthritis and/or torn meniscus is one of the most unnecessary surgeries performed.
    Research has shown arthroscopic knee surgery works no better than placebo surgery, and when comparing treatments for knee pain, physical therapy was found to be just as effective as surgery, but at significantly reduced cost and risk
    Recent research also shows exercise is just as effective as surgery for people with a chronic pain in the front part of their knee, known as chronic patellofemoral syndrome (PFPS), which is also frequently treated with arthroscopic surgery
    In one recent study, 84 percent of patients reported significantly less pain and elbow tenderness at six months following treatment with platelet rich plasma (PRP), a component of whole blood that contains a number of growth factors that takes advantage of your body’s natural healing process
    Natural tips for pain relief and cartilage loss are listed, including: exercise, optimizing your natural vitamin D, K2, and sulfur levels. Natural pain relieving agents you can try include astaxanthin (in shrimp, crab, salmon etc), omega-3, hyaluronic acid and curcumin, among others
Why Afternoon May Be the Best Time to Exercise
    A new study yielded some surprising findings about the effects of exercise on the circadian rhythms of mice
    In this study, all of the exercising mice showed benefits to their circadian cycles—however, the time of day they exercised determined their degree of benefit; mice that exercised in the afternoon showed the greatest benefits, as opposed to those exercising in the morning or evening
    Circadian rhythms are your body’s internal clock, largely based on signals of light and darkness, which sends signals to all of your cells about when to conduct certain physiological processes
    When your circadian clock is disrupted, such as by sleeping in a room that isn’t dark or working the night shift, you have an increased risk for type 2 diabetes, obesity, memory loss, mood disorders, certain types of cancer, and a number of other serious health problems
    This UCLA study is an interesting contrast to other research showing that exercising in the morning before breakfast, in a fasting state, better lowers insulin resistance and optimizes how your body recycles proteins into muscle
April 6, 2013 - Issue 2422
A River Of Waste: The Hazardous Truth About Factory Farms
    The vast majority of the food produced in the United States comes from factory farms or CAFOs (concentrated animal feeding operations) that put profits above all else
    Massive rivers of waste that pollute surrounding waterways with toxic bacteria and release noxious gasses into the air commonly stem from CAFOs’ “waste lagoons”
    CAFOs serve as ideal breeding grounds for diseases ranging from influenza viruses to antibiotic-resistant superbugs, which can infect the animals, farm workers and the general public
    Like many other industries, agribusiness uses intensive lobbying, strong-arm tactics and other abuses of power to keep regulations well in their favor
    The "bigger is better" food system has reached a point where its fundamental weaknesses are becoming apparent, and it’s time for each of us to make a decision about what type of food system we’re willing to support
Chewing Gum Is No Good for Weight Loss
    New research shows that chewing gum does not reduce your hunger or food intake
    Those who chewed gum consumed fewer meals, but actually ate more at the meals they did consume; gum chewers also ate less nutritious meals than non-gum-chewers
    People who chewed gum were less likely to eat fruit and instead were more motivated to eat junk food like potato chips and candy
    Chewing gum may also interfere with your digestion and since most all gum contains sugar or artificial sweeteners may pose independent health risks
April 7, 2013 - Issue 2423
Oral Myofacial Therapy: A Breakthrough for Breathing Problems, TMJ, Headaches and Other Common Ailments
    Orofacial myofunctional therapy (OMT) is a profound technique that may be effective in managing symptoms and providing solutions associated with mild to moderate sleep apnea, poor digestion, headaches, TMJD (Temporal Mandibular Joint Dysfunction), periodontal disease and many other common ailments
    In recent years, OMT has been even applied to retraining the muscles of the face for better appearance.
    The technique is based on the neuromuscular re-education or re-patterning of the oral and facial muscles, and includes facial exercises and behavior modification techniques to promote proper tongue position, improved breathing, chewing and swallowing. Proper functional head and neck postures are also addressed
April 8, 2013 - Issue 2424
Leafy Greens Essential for Immune Regulation and Tumor Resolution
    Researchers have discovered that a gene that is essential for producing critical immune cells in your gut, responds to the food you eat—specifically leafy green vegetables
    Vegetables contain an array of antioxidants and other disease-fighting compounds. Some plant chemicals can reduce inflammation and eliminate carcinogens, while others regulate the rate at which cells reproduce, get rid of old cells and maintain DNA
    Sprouts can contain up to 100 times more enzymes than raw fruits and vegetables, allowing your body to extract more vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fats from the foods you eat
    The content of vitamins and essential fatty acids increase dramatically during the sprouting process. Depending on the sprout, nutrient content can increase as much as 30 times the original value within just a few days of sprouting, and minerals bind to protein during sprouting, making them more bioavailable. The best seeds to sprout may be sunflower seeds and peas
    Additionally, the sprouting process deactivates many of the anti-nutrients that are in the seeds
    Two of the easiest and most efficient ways to optimize your vegetable intake is to juice your vegetables and add sprouted seeds.
22 Things Happy People Do Differently
    Happy people tend to follow a certain set of habits that sets them apart from their sad and stressed out peers. By implementing them in your own life, you can become a happy person, too.
    “Happy” habits include letting go of grudges, expressing gratitude, treating others with kindness and regarding your problems as challenges
    Living in the present, waking up at the same time each morning, eating right and exercising are other “secrets” that happy people tend to embrace
April 9, 2013 - Issue 2425
Argentina Poster Child for the Health Hazards of GMO Crops
    Argentina’s population is being sickened by massive spraying of herbicides on its genetically engineered soya fields. Glyphosate, the main ingredient in Roundup, is blamed for the dramatic increase in devastating birth defects as well as cancer. Sterility and miscarriages are also increasing
    A 2012 nutritional analysis of GMO versus non-GMO corn shows shocking differences in nutritional content. Non-GMO corn contains 437 times more calcium, 56 times more magnesium, and 7 times more manganese than GMO corn
    GMO corn was also found to contain 13 ppm of glyphosate, compared to zero in non-GMO corn. The EPA standard for glyphosate in American water supplies is 0.7 ppm, and organ damage in animals has occurred at levels as low as 0.1 ppm
    GMO corn contains extremely high levels of formaldehyde—about 200 times the amount found toxic to animals
    Unfortunately, President Obama recently signed into law a spending bill that included a devastating provision that puts Monsanto above the law. The provision limits the ability of judges to stop Monsanto and/or farmers from growing or harvesting genetically engineered crops, even if courts find evidence of potential health risks
New Norovirus Strain Behind Recent Outbreaks in US
    Washing your hands with good soap and water and leading a healthy lifestyle that keeps your immune system strong are the best ways to prevent norovirus infections
April 10, 2013 - Issue 2426
How Gut Bacteria Affects Your Weight, and Why CAFO Meats Promote Antibiotic-Resistant Disease
    New research suggests that as much as 20 percent of the substantial weight loss achieved from gastric bypass (weight loss surgery), is actually due to shifts in the balance of bacteria in your digestive tract
    Previous research has found that daily intake of a specific form of lactic acid bacteria can help prevent obesity and reduce low-level inflammation. Gut bacteria have also been shown to impact weight in human babies, and may help mothers lose weight when taken from the first trimester through breastfeeding
    Antibiotics in meats can have a significant and long-term impact on your gut flora and overall health. It also drives the rise in antibiotic-resistant disease
    Making cultured and fermented foods a regular part of your diet is an ideal strategy to optimize your body's good bacteria
Electronic Cigarettes Contain Toxic Metal Nanoparticles
    The aerosol from a leading manufacturer of electronic cigarettes was found to contain metals including tin, copper, nickel and silver, silicate beads and nanoparticles.
    In some cases, the metal amounts were greater than you might be exposed to from smoking a conventional cigarette.
    Electronic cigarettes contain nanoparticles, which, due to their ultramicroscopic size, can easily enter your bloodstream, blood vessels and other body tissues, causing unknown consequences.
    If you’re thinking of quitting smoking, swapping conventional cigarettes for electronic cigarettes may simply expose you to a new set of health risks; quitting cold turkey after you’re leading a healthy lifestyle may be a better option
April 11, 2013 - Issue 2427
Call to Action as Portland, Oregon Readies to Vote on Water Fluoridation
    Ninety-nine percent of fluoridated water ends up on your lawn and in your toilet, where it’s really an environmental pollutant. According to the EPA, it’s illegal to release hexafluorosilicic acid (fluoride) into rivers and lakes or release the parent gases into the atmosphere, but if the public water utilities buy it and purposely pour it in your drinking water, it's no longer classified as a pollutant
    Fluoridation provides an uncontrolled fluoride dose to everyone who drinks it, without regard for age, weight, or health status. Young children and the elderly are disproportionately affected by its adverse effects
    According to the CDC, 41 percent of American adolescents have dental fluorosis due to overexposure to fluoride. Fluoride can also cause weakened bones, bone cancer, hyperactivity and/or lethargy, lowered thyroid function, lowered IQ, dementia, kidney issue, arthritis and more
    After more than a year of secretive planning, fluoride lobbyists convinced the Portland city council to add fluoride to their water supply. Luckily, the citizens of Portland gathered enough signatures to force the decision to a vote on May 21, 2013. Please take action to support this measure
How to Recognize the Plastics That are Most Hazardous to You
    A classification system called the Resin Identification Code, which is the number printed on the bottom of most plastic bottles and food containers, describes what kind of plastic resin the product is made out of.
    The most toxic plastics are #7, #3 and #6, (#3 is PVC; #6 is polysterene or styrofoam, i.e. cups etc; #7 is miscellaneous plastic) while those that may be somewhat safer include #1, #2, #4 and #5.
    Ninety-five percent of all plastic products tested were positive for estrogenic activity, meaning they contain chemicals that can potentially disrupt your hormones and cause other adverse health effects.
    If at all possible, seek to purchase products that are not made from or packaged in plastic.
April 12, 2013 - Issue 2428
Japanese Doctor Confirms Health Benefits of Working Out Less, But More Intensely
    High-intensity interval training (HIIT) gives a natural boost to human growth hormone (HGH) production, which is essential for optimal health, strength and vigor. HIIT has also been shown to significantly improve insulin sensitivity, boost fat loss, and increase muscle growth
    According to Japanese research, a mere four minutes of exercise performed at extreme intensity, four times a week, can improve your anaerobic capacity by 28 percent, and your VO2 max and maximal aerobic power by 15 percent in as little as six weeks
    Previous research showed that just three minutes of HIIT per week for four weeks improved participants’ insulin sensitivity by an average of 24 percent
Back Manipulation May Help Relieve Chronic Pain
    Osteopathic manipulation, which may involve moving joints back into place, massaging soft tissue and helping relax stressed muscles, was found to reduce chronic low back pain
    Sixty-three percent of those who had osteopathic manipulation reported a moderate improvement in their pain while half said they experienced a substantial improvement
    Drugs do nothing to treat the underlying cause of back pain, which is often related to body mechanics, meaning your posture or muscle balance is off kilter
    Exercise, including foundation training, chiropractic care, and other natural methods such as massage, yoga, acupuncture and EFT are often effective at relieving chronic back pain
April 13, 2013 - Issue 2429
Salmon Confidential: How a Canadian Government Cover-Up Threatens Your Health, and the Entire Ecosystem
    Salmon Confidential draws back the curtain to reveal how the Canadian government is covering up the cause behind British Columbia’s rapidly dwindling wild salmon populations. The caus is fish farms
    In British Columbia, pacific salmon are an essential species for the ecosystem. They fill hundreds of streams and rivers, feeding hundreds of species, including humans. Since the early 1990’s, salmon numbers have rapidly dwindled, coinciding with the introduction of farmed salmon pens
    Fish farms breed pathogens that can spread like wildfire and contaminate any wild fish swimming past. Wild salmon that died before spawning have tested positive for a number of salmon viruses, including the highly lethal “salmon influenza”
    Farmed fish, purchased in stores around British Columbia have tested positive for at least three lethal fish viruses, including the dreaded ISA virus (aka salmon flu), salmon alpha viruses, and Piscine reovirus, which causes the salmon to have a heart attack, preventing them from swimming upriver
    I recommend buying locally-grown foods, and wild fish only. Fish farms are a breeding ground for disease and toxic waste, and produce fish of inferior quality. Due to the dramatically increased disease risk—a natural side effect of crowding—these animals are further contaminated with drugs, and in the case of salmon, synthetic astaxanthin, which is made from petrochemicals that are not approved for human consumption
Can ‘Mindfulness’ Help You Focus?
    Students who took a mindfulness class improved reading comprehension test scores and working memory capacity, as well as experienced fewer distracting thoughts
    Practicing “mindfulness” means that you’re actively paying attention to the moment you’re in right now, rather than letting your mind wander or trying to multi-task
    Mindfulness can help you achieve undistracted focus as well as reduce stress induced inflammation, which could benefit people suffering from chronic inflammatory conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease and asthma
April 14, 2013 - Issue 2430
Mammography: Are There Pros, or is It Just a Con? - It's a Con
    Breast cancer has become big business, with the lion’s share of the profit coming from routine mammography, which is touted as the best way to prevent breast cancer death
    A recent study challenges the validity of mammogram screenings, concluding that mammograms have no significant influence in the reduction of the number of women who ultimately die of breast cancer
    According to a 2011 meta-analysis, mammography breast cancer screening led to 30 percent overdiagnosis and overtreatment, which equates to a small absolute risk increase. There's also the risk of getting a false negative, meaning that a life-threatening cancer is missed
    The new 3D tomosynthesis mammogram still requires mechanical compression and uses 30 percent MORE radiation [and greater expense?]
    A few simple, yet great options to assist in your efforts to avoid breast cancer are: avoiding toxic antiperspirants; making sure you are getting enough vitamin D, K2 and iodine; that you utilize lymphatic massage; use stress management techniques, exercise often, and balance your hormones naturally. It is also wise to eat a Mediterranean diet consisting of organic foods. Avoid processed and GMO foods; and toxic environments.
April 15, 2013 - Issue 2431
Wild Alaskan Salmon is a Powerhouse of Nutrition that May Help You Live Longer
    Research suggests that eating oily fish once or twice a week may increase your lifespan by more than two years, and reduce your risk of dying from cardiovascular disease by 35 percent
    Compared to those in the lowest percentiles, those with omega-3 blood levels in the highest 20 percent were 27 percent less likely to die of any cause; 40 percent less likely to die of coronary heart disease, and 48 percent less likely to die of an arrhythmia
    If you want to maximize health benefits from fish, steer clear of farmed fish, particularly farmed salmon, and even more specifically genetically engineered farmed salmon, which may end up being immorally approved within the next two years—especially if you’re seeking to improve your omega-3 to omega-6 ratio
    The ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fat of wild salmon is far superior to farmed. Whereas farmed salmon has a 1-1 ratio of omega-3s and omega-6s (due to its “junk food” diet), the ratio for wild sockeye salmon is between 6 and 9 to 1, which is a more ideal ratio
    Avoid Atlantic salmon, as salmon labeled "Atlantic Salmon" typicallly comes from fish farms. Look for “Alaskan salmon,” and “sockeye salmon,” as Alaskan sockeye is not allowed to be farmed and is therefore bound to be wild
Eight Tips for Healthy Eating and Drinking
    Science is still uncovering all kinds of useful new information
    Tips for eating and drinking are discussed, including eating fermented foods and sprouts, and rethinking or avoiding breakfast
    Tailoring your diet to support your mood and tricks for using intermittent fasting to better your health are also included
April 16, 2013 - Issue 2432
Dr. Oz Investigates the Hazards of Dental Amalgams
    Dental amalgam is composed of about 50 percent mercury, a well-known neurotoxin that can also damage your kidneys and thyroid etc
    There is overwhelming evidence showing mercury is easily released in the form of vapor each time you eat, drink, brush your teeth or otherwise stimulate your teeth. These mercury vapors readily pass through your cell membranes, across your blood-brain barrier, and into your central nervous system, where it can cause psychological, neurological, and immunological problems
    Mercury used in dentistry is a significant source of environmental mercury pollution. When you factor in environmental costs and clean-up costs, amalgam is the most expensive dental restoration material in the world
    Once released into the environment, dental mercury converts to methylmercury and contaminates fish, which are the largest dietary source of mercury in the US
Heart Disease Test May Predict Dementia Better than Cognitive Tests
    Heart disease and stroke risk tests had a stronger association with dementia risk according to a new study, suggesting that they are better tools for predicting future cognitive decline than the dementia risk test.
    Chronic degenerative conditions like heart disease and dementia often have underlying commonalities, such as insulin resistance (due to high carb diet).
    Many of the risk factors associated with heart disease are also associated with poor brain health as you age – poor diet, for instance.
    Many of the preventive strategies for heart disease and dementia are overlapping as well, so eating right, exercising and making other lifestyle changes will help reduce your risk of both diseases.
April 17, 2013 - Issue 2433
New American “Oil Boom” Might Destroy the Environment and Decimate the Health of Millions
    Some forecasters claim the US will outstrip Saudi Arabia as the world’s largest oil producer by 2017, effectively rendering the US self-sufficient in terms of energy production. Others analysts warn shale drilling is the next Big Bubble that could rival the bank industry bailouts
    Recently unsealed court records show fracking activities in Pennsylvania leaked acetone into fresh water supplies. Plaintiff’s water supply was also found to be contaminated with unsafe levels of acrylonitrile, a highly flammable and toxic chemical compound classified as a probable carcinogen
    Fracking proponents claim it is a safe and effective drilling method that reduces the surface footprint of the drilling operation. However, people across the US have reported serious adverse health events resulting from contamination of air and/or drinking water
    Reported adverse effects of exposure to fracking chemicals include respiratory ailments, shortness of breath, chemical sensitivities, skin rashes, swelling, skin lesions, severe headaches, nausea and vomiting
Side Effects of Statin Drugs
    Seventeen percent of patients taking statin drugs reported side effects such as muscle pain, nausea, and liver and nervous system problems.
    Two-thirds of those who reported side effects quit taking the drugs; half of those prescribed statins quit taking them at least temporarily, while 20 percent quit for more than a year.
    Taking higher doses of the statins simvastatin (Zocor), atorvastatin (Lipitor) or rosuvastatin (Crestor) increases your risk of acute kidney injury by 34 percent, a condition that can be fatal.
    Statins are also linked to diabetes, liver damage, memory problems, muscle weakness and more
    Most people taking statin drugs do not need them; heart health can be optimized using dietary and other lifestyle strategies
April 18, 2013 - Issue 2434
Address Allergies and Asthma Symptoms as “Worst Allergy Season Ever” Begins
    Spring allergies affect an estimated 25 million Americans. Airborne pollen is the most common cause of seasonal allergies, also known as hay fever or allergic rhinitis
    An estimated 80 percent of your immune system is located in your gut, so supporting your digestive health is essential to also supporting your immune system, which is your primary defense system against ALL disease, including allergies and asthma
    Processed food, GE ingredients and synthetic additives all decimate the beneficial bacteria in your gut, thereby harming  your immune system. Ideally, you’ll want to avoid processed foods, focusing on organic, locally-grown foods instead, and include fermented foods in your diet to optimize your gut flora
    [See Youtube for the Buteyko Method of breathing, instead of inhalers which only make things worse]
    For short-term relief of allergy symptoms, acupuncture has been found to be effective. Irrigating your sinuses with a neti pot is also recommended
    A number of foods and herbs can help alleviate allergy symptoms, including hot pepper, quercetin, butterbur, goldenseal and eucalyptus oil
    For more long-term relief, consider provocation neutralization treatment, or sublingual allergy drops, which work just as well as inhalers. Sublingual immunotherapy has not been approved by the FDA but is widely used in Europe, and some American doctors prescribe it off label
Blood Lead Levels High in 535,000 Kids in the USA
    535,000 US kids aged 1 to 5 years have blood lead levels higher than 5 micrograms per deciliter (µg/dL), the “level of concern” at which health problems may occur
    Lead may cause permanent damage to your brain and nervous system; children under 6 are most at risk for lead exposure and related health problems
    Common sources of lead exposure include lead-based paint, lead-contaminated household dust, contaminated soil and drinking water that flows through lead pipes
April 19, 2013 - Issue 2435
Effective Strategies for Eliminating Cellulite
    The dimpling effect that is the hallmark of cellulite occurs when fat cells push against the surrounding subcutaneous connective tissue in your skin. Liposuction, creams and wraps only temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite. Without continual treatment, cellulite just reappears
    In order to eliminate cellulite, you must eliminate the excess fat deposits. To efficiently accomplish this, you want to transition from being a sugar-burner to using natural fats/oils as your primary fuel (butter, wild salmon, olive oil, raw eggs etc)
    Effective strategies to tackle cellulite include intermittent fasting, Acceleration Training, rebound exercise, and dry body brushing
    Previous research showed that Acceleration Training alone reduced cellulite on subjects' thighs and buttocks by nearly 26 percent. When cardio exercises were added to Vibration Training, cellulite dropped by more than 32 percent
Reasons Not to Stretch
    Engaging in passive static stretching prior to lifting weights could make you feel weaker and less stable during your workout
    Pre-exercise static stretching generally hurts rather than helps your athletic and muscle performance, particularly when the stretch is held for 60 seconds or more
    Unlike static stretching, dynamic stretching, an active type of stretching such as walking lunges, squats or arm circles, has been shown to positively influence power, speed, agility, endurance, flexibility, and strength performance when used as a warm-up
    My favorite type of dynamic stretching is Active Isolated Stretching or AIS, where you hold each stretch for only two seconds; this works with your body's natural physiological makeup to improve circulation and increase the elasticity of muscle joints
April 20, 2013 - Issue 2436
Can Large-Scale Environmental Devastation Really Be Reversed?
    Our soil and water are becoming increasingly contaminated and infertile on a global scale due to poor farming practices, ignorance and greed.
    The barren Loess Plateau in North-Central China, where relentless grazing of domestic animals caused widespread erosion, became a model of how whole ecosystems can be restored through sustainable agricultural practices.
    Similar ecosystem restoration in South America, Africa and the Middle East have illustrated how formerly devastated lands and villages can be transformed into vistas of lush, thriving vegetation.
    Man-made ecological damage has manifested itself in more ways than on farms and forests. Greed and power have been the basis for such travesties as genetically modified crops, BPA, melamine and plastic contamination, slash-and-burn” farming and monocropping have caused untold damage that won’t be remedied without people being informed and empowered to make a change.
    You can make a change starting in your own back yard.
Ripe for Change Documentary
    Ripe for Change, a 50-minute documentary film (at above link), gives a poignant glimpse into farming trends and traditions in California over the last three decades.
    With every application of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, and every planting of a genetically modified (GM) crop, conventional farmers are killing the natural environment little by little.
    By choosing organic farming methods that protect and encourage biodiversity, sustainable farmers are directly changing their surrounding environment for the better.
    You vote three times a day when you choose the foods for your meals; which system will you choose to support today?
    See also http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&list=PLA31FBFA8FF6E73A4&v=3gBwCQspdwo
April 21, 2013 - Issue 2437
Dr. Christiane Northrup’s Top Tips for Women’s Breast Health
    Over the past 30 years, an estimated 1.3 million American women have been wrongly diagnosed with breast cancer that posed no threat to their life. In 2008, an estimated 70,000 women were wrongly diagnosed with breast cancer in the US, which accounts for 31 percent of all breast cancers diagnosed that year
    According to Dr. Northrup, women who tend to be most at risk for breast cancer are those who have difficulty nurturing themselves and receiving pleasure. Nurturing self-love and self-acceptance is an important part of creating optimal health, especially for women
    Dr. Northrup’s Top 10 health tips for women include: getting enough sleep, meditation and positive affirmations, practicing self-love and self-acceptance, exercising regularly, breathing properly, optimizing your vitamin D levels, cultivating your social life, taking Epsom salt baths, and keeping a gratitude journal
April 22, 2013 - Issue 2438
Will Eating Meat Really Increase Your Risk of Heart Disease? Probably not
10 Easy Ways to Prevent Cancer at Home
    More than half of all cancer deaths can be prevented by making healthy lifestyle changes
    You can reduce your cancer risk by optimizing your vitamin D level (from midday sunshine etc) and avoiding excess protein in your diet, such as excess meat
    Also avoid harmful cleaning supplies, canned foods, synthetic fragrances and personal care products; and filter your water and avoid use of your microwave
April 23, 2013 - Issue 2439
Despite Doctor’s Order, School Bans Girl for Not Getting Chickenpox Vaccine
    A Staten Island kindergartner has been barred from attending school because she hasn’t been vaccinated against chickenpox—even though her pediatrician refuses to vaccinate her on grounds that it may endanger the health of her baby sister [Home schooling is best for kids anyway]
    Research shows a clear link between UV levels and the prevalence of chickenpox. The authors speculate that UV radiation can inactivate the virus, either within the lesions, or after the lesions rupture. Vitamin D produced in your skin in response to sunlight also provides anti-viral and immune-boosting benefits
    Widespread use of chickenpox vaccine in the U.S. has increased the incidence of shingles in children and adults and is less effective than naturally acquired immunity that existed in the general population before the vaccine was licensed in 1995
New GMO Wheat May Disable Vital Human Genes
    Research conducted on a new type of GM wheat showed with “no doubt” that molecules created in the wheat, which are intended to silence wheat genes to change its carbohydrate content, may match human genes and potentially silence them (so your body won't be able to function properly).
    Experts warned that eating the wheat could lead to significant changes in the way glucose and carbohydrates are stored in the human body, which could be potentially deadly for children and lead to serious illness in adults.
    [Greed and insanity continue to rule]
April 24, 2013 - Issue 2440
Plastic and Cancerous Compounds in Tea Bags—A Surprising Source of Potential Toxins
    Some tea bags are made with plastic, such as nylon, thermoplastic, PVC or polypropylene. While these plastics have high melting points, the temperature at which the molecules in polymers begin to break down is always lower than the melting point, which could allow the bags to leach compounds of unknown health hazards into your tea when steeped in boiling water
    Paper tea bags are frequently treated with epichlorophydrin, which hydrolyzes to 3-MCPD when contact with water occurs. 3-MCPD is a carcinogen associated with food processing that has also been implicated in infertility and suppressed immune function
    I recommend purchasing tea from manufacturers who can certify that their tea bags do not contain epichlorophydrin, and avoid plastic tea bags. Your best option is to opt for loose tea. Instructions for brewing tea using loose tea leaves are included; click link above
    When selecting tea of any kind, it should preferably be organic (to avoid pesticides) and grown in a pristine environment (tea is known to accumulate fluoride, heavy metals and other toxins from soil and water, so a clean growing environment is essential to producing a pure, high-quality tea)
April 25, 2013 - Issue 2441
How to Protect Your Mental Health and Avoid an Emotional Breakdown
    Your mind can only take so much stress before a breakdown occurs, which is why actively nurturing your emotional well-being is essential.
    Strategies for avoiding an emotional breakdown include being hopeful, accepting yourself and staying connected with those around you
    Other tips for mental well-being include finding your purpose, expressing gratitude and exercising regularly
April 26, 2013 - Issue 2442
6 Bodyweight Workout Apps for Your Phone and iPad
    Technology can be a great ally in your quest for optimal health, and one area where it excels is in smartphone and tablet apps for fitness.
    Six apps are highlighted that involve using your bodyweight for strength training. You can strengthen and tone your muscles virtually anywhere, with no fancy exercise equipment or gym membership required
    When using fitness apps on a smartphone, I recommend keeping the phone at least six inches from your body, and ideally in airplane mode as this will eliminate most EMFs
April 27, 2013 - Issue 2443
GE Trees May Be Even More Damaging to the Environment than GE Foods
    The documentary A Silent Forest: The Growing Threat, Genetically Engineered Trees discusses how genetically engineered (GE) trees may adversely impact ecological systems on a grand scale, with potentially catastrophic effects
    Trees are being genetically altered to give them unnatural characteristics, such as the ability to kill insects, tolerate toxic herbicides, grow abnormally fast, or have decreased lignin for the convenience of the paper industry
    Genetically engineered trees vastly differ from annual GE crops like corn and soybeans because trees can live for decades and even centuries in the wild; once GE trees escape the confines of their plantation, they are extremely difficult, if not impossible, to eradicate
    Many trees are able to spread their seeds and pollen for hundreds and even thousands of miles, making native forests vulnerable to cross-contamination, which poses an enormous threat to worldwide ecosystems
    The biotech industry and US government are rushing ahead without performing appropriate safety studies, doing everything they can to hasten the approval of GE technology while silencing the opposition
Why Your Brain Craves Music
    Music triggers activity in a part of your brain that releases the feel-good chemical dopamine and is involved in forming expectations.
    Your brain learns how to predict how different pieces of music will unfold using pattern recognition and prediction, skills that may have been key to our evolutionary progress.
    When listening to the same music, different people experience similar brain activity, which may explain why music has the ability to unite and bring people together.
    Listening to music was found to lessen anxiety better than anti-anxiety drugs, and also has beneficial effects on premature babies.
April 28, 2013 - Issue 2444
NMR Lipoprofile is the Most Important Test to Determine Heart Disease Risk
    Cholesterol has been blamed for just about every case of heart disease for the last 20 years, when in reality, you need cholesterol in order to be healthy; your body uses cholesterol for cell membranes, hormones, neurotransmitters and overall nerve function
    Your total cholesterol number is not a good indicator of heart disease risk. One of the most important tests you can get to determine your risk is the NMR lipoprofile, which measures your LDL particle number. This test also has other markers that can help determine if you have insulin resistance, which is a primary cause of elevated LDL particle number and increased heart disease risk
    Research published over the past 10 or 15 years suggests that neither saturated fat nor high-cholesterol foods will raise your cholesterol serum levels
    The primary cause of heart disease is not high cholesterol but insulin and leptin resistance, which increase LDL particle number via a couple of different mechanisms. Poor thyroid function can also directly increase LDL particle number, and should be checked if your LDL particle number is high
    Insulin and leptin resistance is caused by factors inherent in our modern lifestyle, including a diet high in processed and refined carbohydrates, sugars/fructose, refined flours, and cooking oils; insufficient physical activity; chronic sleep deprivation; environmental toxins; and poor gut health
April 29, 2013 - Issue 2445
Top 12 Strategies for Optimizing Your Health
    These powerful health-boosting strategies will help reverse just about any health challenge you or your family are currently confronted with
    Two of the most powerful dietary interventions are limiting or eliminating processed foods and replacing carbohydrates with healthful fats. Replacing carbs with more protein is not a wise choice as it can produce similar adverse hormonal changes as carbs
    Replacing drugs with natural alternatives, or better yet, addressing the lifestyle factors that are causing your health problem in the first place, are your best bets if you want to avoid becoming a disease- or pharmaceutical-mortality statistic
    The vast majority of health problems are in fact responsive to appropriate lifestyle changes
The Latest News About Green Peas and Broccoli
    Sulforaphane has been shown to have anti-diabetic and antimicrobial properties, and also kills cancer stem cells
    Peas are also packed with disease-fighting compounds, including a polyphenol called coumestrol, which greatly lowers risk of stomach cancer
    Eating broccoli and peas in their sprouted form gives you even more concentrated nutrition for superior health benefits
April 30, 2013 - Issue 2446
Analysis Identifies Shocking Problems with Monsanto’s Genetically Engineered Corn
    A 2012 nutritional analysis of GMO versus non-GMO corn shows shocking differences in nutritional content. Non-GMO corn contains 437 times more calcium, 56 times more magnesium, and 7 times more manganese than GMO corn
    GMO corn was also found to contain 13 ppm of glyphosate, compared to zero in non-GMO corn. EPA “safe” level for glyphosate in American water supplies is 0.7 ppm, and organ damage in animals has occurred at levels as low as 0.1 ppm
    GMO corn contains extremely high levels of formaldehyde—about 200 times the amount found toxic to animals
    Research by a Texas teenager using fruit flies, which began when she was in middle school, shows that in virtually every health measure, including fertility, stress resistance and longevity, flies that fed on organic bananas and potatoes fared better than those fed on conventionally raised produce. Her research was recently published in a respected science journal
10 Facts About Fluoride You Need to Know
    Water fluoridation has come under increasing scrutiny as health concerns, lack of efficacy in preventing tooth decay and ethical issues of administering chemicals via the water supply have surfaced
1. Most Developed Countries Do Not Fluoridate Their Water
2. Water Fluoridated Countries Do Not Have Less Tooth Decay Than Non-Fluoridated Countries
3. Fluoride Is Associated with Increased lead absorption; Disruption of collagen synthesis; Hyperactivity and lethargy;     Muscle disorders; Thyroid disease; Arthritis; Dementia; Bone fractures; Lowered thyroid function; Bone cancer (osteosarcoma); Destruction or inhibition of more than 100 enzymes; Inhibition of antibody formation; Genetic damage and cell death; Increased tumor and cancer rate; Immune system disruption; Increased infertility
4. Fluoridation is Not a “Natural” Process
5. 40% of American Teenagers Show Visible Signs of Fluoride Overexposure
6. For Infants, Fluoridated Water Provides No Benefits, Only Risks
7. Fluoride Supplements Have Never Been Approved by the FDA
8. Fluoride is the Only Drug Added to Public Water
9. Swallowing Fluoride Provides No Benefit to Teeth
10. Disadvantaged Communities are the Most Disadvantaged by Fluoride, via Nutrient deficiencies, Infant formula consumption, Kidney disease, Diabetes etc