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Colombia (08-19-2012)
We have now been in Colombia for 6 months. The results from using MMS/CDS is now coming in! We want to give everyone a quick update of the “restored health” in so many lives here in Colombia, and yes, the whole world! We are seeing “restored health” in many areas of the world.

First of all, we want to tell you all of the wonderful changes in people's lives among the indigenous people here in Colombia called the Arhuacos. See our documentary, “7 gates to Seynimin”: youtube.com/watch?v=_WyuhnMWzpY

After 6 weeks and three trips, we have now helped over 600 people with MMS/CDS. We just came back two days ago from Seynimin. Now, we are seeing so much results that the chiefs,”mamos” were having a tribal meeting to discuss it! Here is the “restored health” we saw there among the Arhuacos.
• Years of body aches and pains gone.
• Years of allergies suddenly gone.
• Menstrual problems gone.
• Infertility gone. Well, that won't make the depopulationists happy!
• Appetite restored.
• Parasites reduced or gone completely.
• Clear headed, better concentration and more focused being reported.
• Chronic skin problems vanishing.
• Insect and reptile bites healed quickly.
• Sleep disorders gone.
• “Chagas” cured. See Felipe the “Mamo” with chagas testimony below.
• Weight gain among the malnourished.
• Uterine cysts gone.
• Energy increased tremendously.
• Life long diarrhea gone!! (probably parasitic)
• Infections, injuries and wounds cured quickly without antibiotics.
• Long time injuries finally healing.

We know you don't see the so-called big diseases such as the cancers, AIDS, diabetes, herpes and so on. Well, we just didn't run into them among these people because they only eat what they grow and raise. The problem is they don't have much and those that do have livestock sell them to survive.

What we've guided the people to do is the following:

Everyone do the protocol 1000 with MMS/CDS – (3 weeks, 1cc. per hour) They can go up on the doses if they choose after a few days. Note: Everyone responds differently, so keep that in mind. Even those that look healthy will see how healthy they really are when detoxing their body with MMS/CDS.

Everyone add Moringa Oleifera to their diet. Read this for more information about Moringa: http://dropbox.com/s/bz8s43dvwt30r87/Moringa%20Information.docx (We have planted 1000 trees in Colombia on the Arhuaco land and are planting more, up to 20,000! Note: The same is being done in the Dominican Republic. Contact us at: mmsforhispaniola@gmail.com to purchase our Moringa, (organically grown shade-dehydrated to preserve the chlorophyl). Note: 50% of all sales go directly to the Genesis II Church to support ongoing projects such as this one.

Everyone eat beef if possible. Note: We know this might upset some people but it is true. B-12 is only found in Red Meat, Cheese and Milk. Now, of course we are talking about organic, without hormones or vaccines. i.e non-processed meat, cheese and milk. The amino acids also found in these foods are crucial for the building of the cells. Note: Maybe that is why the High priests in the Bible were instructed to eat the meat. Isn't it interesting how strong the wild animals' immune systems are and they eat raw meat!! Then we see the domestic animals eating the same processed foods as humans and now they have all the same chronic diseases as humans. You don't have to be a genius to figure this out! 150 years ago, before processed foods, pharmaceuticals, (the real drugs), and vaccines we didn't see these diseases very often. The people living then hadn't had their immune systems destroyed yet.

You may say, I can take B-12 vitamins. Well, the best way to take any mineral, vitamin or nutrient is in it's natural state. Obviously, the body knows how to assimilate and absorb them in their natural state, but in a synthetic form, we aren't too sure. And if you believe the so-called experts they don't all agree and change their opinions so frequently that it shows they really don't know the answers themselves. So, we'd rather stick with the way nature intended.

Note: Let me say this to our vegetarian friends. Most of all the vegetables found in our markets today worldwide are full of insecticides, chemical fertilizers and GMO's. It can say anything on the label but the truth is you are taking their word for it! When money is involved, lying and deception are part of the marketing techniques. So, if you don't grow your own veggies then you are at the mercy of the Madison avenue type so-called “Health” food techniques. You have to be very careful of what you are ingesting into your body. This is why MMS/CDS is so important if you want to keep your body detoxified and clean of pathogens and heavy metals. You might want to think about adding red meat to your diet to help make your immune system stronger. Look at it as the “Meat Protocol”.

Everyone that can, drink sea water,(30%). Sea water in very similar to our own blood plasma. It contains more than 170 minerals and nutrients in trace amounts that are important in maintaining a strong immune system and brings continuity to the nervous system. See video about a man named, Rene Quinton on Youtube here: English - youtube.com/watch?v=2gcFYeFqt9A Spanish: youtube.com/watch?v=MM5vME4k_vg Note: We are making a trip to the north coast of Colombia to bring 100's of gallons to the Arhuaco people.

Everyone should stay away from Vaccines and Meds. We also gave out DMSO, but were limited in our supply.

So, basically everyone was given enough MMS/CDS to do the Protocol 1000 and told to eat meat, cheese and milk as they could. Many were given Moringa at night after the day's protocol to eliminate the strong anti-oxidants neutralizing the Chlorine dioxide, being an oxidizer.

Now the Chiefs or “Mamos” have seen and heard so many restored to health that they've decided to work towards bringing more meat into their diet as well as MMS/CDS, Moringa, seawater and DMSO. Out of the 600+ people we've personally seen, just about 100% said they had at least some result. If this project continues to go in the same direction, then this project could be an example to replicate around the world. This could really do what Jim Humble and myself set out to do with the establishment of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing and that is, “Restore health to the world”, and ultimately, “Change the world”!!

Everyday in the clinic at Seynimin, grateful people come and bring donations of eggs, coffee, bananas, avocados, oranges, limes, candles, rice, beans, etc. to help us and show their gratitude for what they are receiving. They have no money, phones, electricity but they give what they have. It is amazing to us how that people who have so little give the most! It is a lesson we all need to learn. If the average person in the U.S. or Europe just sold things they never use in their garages we'd have enough to keep this project ongoing, but for some reason people want to hang on to everything they have in this world thinking it will somehow make them more secure, but in actuality the opposite is true. There is a saying I really like. It goes like this. No man is a fool that gives away that which he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose.

Here is an update of the Mamo Felipe a few days ago. Remember 6 weeks ago he was sent home to die. He came 3 hours to visit us! http://db.tt/whlXBhLR

There are now 30+ doctors using MMS throughout Colombia. We expect much more results forthcoming. We are now planning a 2nd seminar at the end of September or beginning of October, (in Bogota). Please contact us at genesis2mission@gmail.com if you are interested

Here are two testimonies from the Dominican Republic. Rev. Jonathan has been working with these two for 2 months. One is a stroke victim and the other is a head wound victim. Both are getting progressively better. It is a slow process but they are seeing great results. Watch the video here: http://db.tt/jI0j7fh4

Let's change the world together!!
Bishop Mark S. Grenon
First Bishop – Genesis II Church

P.S. Here's a link to an article about MMS I thought was very good. http://planet.infowars.com/health/mms-underground-medicine-that-is-curing-the-incurable