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WUCI is World Unity Conference, India

WUCI Mission
1. Our ultimate goal is for all of the people of India to have easy, affordable access to optimal health care.
2. Our immediate goal is for every state of India to have easy, affordable access to competent sodium chlorite therapy by starting WUCI chapters in each state of India, then each state chapter would be responsible for recruiting more students and volunteers to start subchapters in each city or town of their province.

WUC Mission
WUCI is a division of WUC, World Unity Conference.
The mission of WUC is to help all of the people of the world to achieve unity, peace, freedom and prosperity.

Local Control
- WUC will help WUCI organize local chapters in India.
- WUC will not take any funds raised by WUCI.
- The volunteers recruited by WUCI in India will help decide how to run the local WUCI chapters and decide how to use any funds raised.
- WUC will serve only as advisers to WUCI.