Jan 9 13 6:45 PM

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- For those concerned about our qualifications, I’m a nutritionist qualified to share health info and I can certify others
- I started a website, http://sc2p.webs.com , several years ago in order to try to make SC available to the poor. Sc2p means Sodium Chlorite to the Poor.
- Regarding Friends' Skepticism about SC therapy, I think the public needs to learn to distrust the major media, just as they distrust what they hear on the internet and other sources. Just because the major media publicize expensive therapies doesn't mean those therapies do any good. I use SC therapy myself and I know it healed my tooth infections and several other problems. The best therapies are often inexpensive. Nutrition and natural therapies are usually inexpensive and most effective. Most expensive therapies do more harm than good.
- It may not be easy to find reliable information about SC, because big corporations, based on greed, are not interested in it, since it threatens their profits. The most reliable info is probably in Jim Humble's books, the Genesis II forum and other forums and websites.
- There's a website called http://HealthFreedom.org , run by a former U.S. military General, which promotes SC therapy in its health newsletter. There are several Yahoogroups (forums) and other forums that discuss and promote SC therapy. One is mine, at groups.yahoo.com/group/Mercola and one other forum is mine at http://NHC.lefora.com. Several Yahoogroups are under the name MMS. And there are two boards on http://CureZone.com about MMS. One is MMS Debate, where there is discussion pro and con. The other is MMS Support, where discussion is all in favor and shares mostly people's positive experiences. The Genesis II website and forum are Humble's organization's and may be the best.

I plan to post Jim Humble's newsletters in the MMS section henceforth.